Mafia The Series: Guns & Freaks

Beam, a university student, dreams of becoming a hero. But after his father, Rashen, died mysteriously, Beam’s life will never be the same. In fact, his father was the Nemesis gang leader, the largest mafia clan in Thailand. Instead of pursuing his dream as a hero, Beams has to become a head of a terrorist […]

Never Let Me Go

Nuengdiao and Mother Tanay are in danger when the father was hot dead. Palm involuntarily has to take care of the girl. When duty and romance becomes one. Let’s see how their lives turn to be. A story of love across social classes and amidst gunsmoke.

KinnPorsche The Series

The second son of a mafia family Kinn, Anakinn Theerapanyakoon, hires a university student as his waiter and Porsch, Pachara Kittisawat, a judo champion, as his bodyguard agasint Porsch’s will. However, as Porsch is from a poor family with a needy brother, he has to accept this job. While working, Porsche faces many incidents. The […]

The Curse of Saree

Nuannuakaew is a confident designer who travels to Mantrapura to take care of Nilpat, her sister who just declares a wedlock with Prince Chaitat of Mantrapura. He has a step-brother named Prince Keerit. One night, Nuannuakaew dreams of a girl in a white saree. When she wakes up, there is a precious jewelry in her […]

My Lovely Bodyguard

Sarapee is a stuntgirl deep in debt. She becomes a bodyguard for the orphan nephew of Tewan, a ten-thousand-million trustee of the nephew. Sarapee’s martial art is second to none, so she gets paid well. But when she risks herself getting involved in a big case, things get crazier and crazier. But this mission will […]

Bodyguard Morlam

Captain Thepthai is a cool cop. He has Morlam in his blood and is assigned to be a bodyguard for Doctor Nicha, a top businesswoman in Thailand. She is a near victim of an assassination by business rival of her father, tycoon Naruebet. Thepthai then has to disguise as Roongfah, a down-to-earth Morlam performer to […]

The Oath of Bandit

Though predition indicates that a baby girl will bring a disaster to a gang of thieves, this won’t make Rachun, an ethical thief changes his mind. He takes care of Waewdao, the baby girl so well, and is ready to fight in the name of Suadet, the head of thief clan, robbing the bad ones […]

Outlaw Justice

A story about Paen, a handicapped man who has a miraculous life. Sua Prai, a revered good thief helps healing Paen’s physical diability and turns him into a strong man. Paen then disguises as a minion of a local mafia to track down the lost land title deed. He also hunts for Praedaeng thief who […]

Miraculous 5

According to the prophecy, any boy born on Saturday the fifth will become a great thief. A strick abbot has to search for and take care of the five boys: Tern, Diao, Yod, Don and Kring. The abbot teaches them Dharma and gives them a protecting amulet so that they would grow up to serve […]

The Influential

A mysterious death of the brother makes Ekkarat, a special forces soldier, disguise himself to investigate the true murderer in Amphur Tangpuen once again. This return brings him to Nannarint, his first love. He has to protect her from the local mafia who abuses her inheritance to unlawful acts. He encourages her to stand tall […]

Shadow Enemy

A story of Chat Payak and Kom Nakleng, two cops who disguise as minions of two rival mafias to find an evidence of their criminal conviction. They involuntarily turn enemies and their talent is a target from those who want to get rid of them. They get involved with one of the mafia’s daughter turning […]

Mr. Rose: The Secret Spy

Kulab is an orphan boy who works as a bodyguard to Rinlapas, a daughter of a local mafia who likes him, though he tries to avoid getting involved with these wicked people following his step-mother’s advice. This incident brings him to a gangster and Namnueng, a female cop who sneaks in to investigate the drug-dealing […]

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