Kitty The Killer

Dina, a highly trained teenager assassin has worked with her mentor, Keng, for years. Together, they have been on countless missions and have always had each other’s backs. However, their partnership is put to the test when Keng is betrayed by his own organization and is left for dead.As Keng’s escape, he meets Charlie, an […]

Interlocking Hearts on Chao Phraya

Saming is a boatman who has Srinual, a beautiful Lamtud performer of Lantae, Ayutthaya, in his heart. But his love won’t flow smoothly like a stream. When Lersan, a police cadet comes to their lives and destiny makes the three part. Lersan’s only heir, Soydao, becomes the sole factor of Srinual’s life.Unluckily, Sming is accused […]

Because of Love

Ring, a girl who foresees coming dangers towards a person she touches, was bought by Singha’s grandfather from a shrine to protect him from all disaster. The grandfather forces them to get married, so Ring would be a protector of the family. Ring, however, acts like a tomboy to keep her virginity so that she […]

The Lady of the Forest

Dao is a beautiful idealistic girl who wants to protect and preserve nature and human dwellers. She grew up in a forest and has learned to live there. She finally receives a magic power from the wild with a black tiger as her close friend. One day Dao goes to a city to survey the […]

The Revengers

The battle between Kla Phalek, a talented cop and Suaphan, a great thief who seeks vengeance on the community’s village headman, leads him to Mafai, a tomboy who secretly helps the thief. The closer they are, the stronger their hearts throb. The more they learn about their birth, the more they know who the real […]

Marvellous Love

A miracle brings Panruethai, a magical psychic who can travels across dimensions, to two gentlemen with supernatural power. One is Sua who keeps the secret of her birth and another is Prasingkam, who wins her heart. But the fight for the power and the mystery of the ancient black magic will bring them to danger […]

Mighty Sticky Man

Ken is a factory worker who stood against all hardship. One day he suddenly receives a magic power from picking sticky rice that makes him possess a great power. He involuntarily gets involved with a hostage incident and helps Ploy. He immediately falls for her. However, when they both are involved in a mafia clan’s […]

Justice in the Wild

Love turns into revenge when Win, a playboy, loses his sister who has an ideal to protect the forest from Pim’s father, the powerful mafia. Pim is a volunteer teacher and Win’s girlfriend. Things get worse when someone sets up a scene to make her misunderstand that he kills her father, while the forest is […]

Double Savage

The sibling relationship among Lee, Pakorn and Pawin turns sour when two players, Roongtawan-a child of garment factory nearby and Asalaha or Hia A, a thief Pakorn got involved with put him in convict. How would this story of love between him and her and the sibling bond get resolved?

Spy Kids Gang

At a police station, The Gang is ready to respond to the command from an inspector though they have to do it secretly in disguise. In a case of heritage murder, Teacher Tob and Teacher Olive want to have a GIFT fertilization, but the DNA test shows that they are in fact siblings. They try […]

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