Revenge of Love

Cathaleya, a new-wave jewelery desginer of the world, returns to Thailand with an aim to take a revenge on Euakan, a successful Thai jewelery business woman, who jeopardized her family with mysterious death of her parents 15 years ago. The A-List team of 4 members trained by her uncle, David; has been assigned on the […]


Talay, a young sergeant who has a stigma from her childhood, becomes in charge of a murder case of Tanpol, a well-off young psychologist who is suspected of killing his wife, Piangchan. As she went deeper into this case, she found many irregularities including secrets and love relations as well as threats from the anonymous […]


Komkrit, a thieve with an alias ‘Skyraider’ receives a mission to rob the million-dollar diamond. He has to disguise himself in a traditional Likay troupe. He is getting closer with Phueng, a bodyguard, and starts to fall for her. Meanwhile, he has to escape a transnational mafia gang who is hunting for precious diamonds. This […]

Thida Wanorn

Thida, the leader of a minority tribe clan, left her home village and has to live in the jungle with her mother monkey. When she grows up, she meets a man who loves nature and offers to help her find her true parents. The problem is they have to run and escape the local mafia […]

The Wand Warrior

The legend of the Singha magic wane from the past brings all those who shared the history back together. It’s the beginning of the love story between Trai and Sirinda who were a couple from past lives. They may become the key to the ancient treasure that everyone looks for. The hunt for the Singha […]

Lay Down and Fire

A battle between Ampol, a drug dealer, and Romran, a good cop who is supposed to handle the drug dealing case. The two men fall for Alice, an ex-policewoman and they know their trade too well. How would this game of crime and love end?

My Ghost Protector

‘Suban’ town that ruled by King Tri-Raja, was about to be seized the power from the King’s minister, Chaiyod, and wicked shaman. The king ordered his batmen to take his 10 years-old heir, Prince Tinnakorn escaped from the town. During the escape, the prince fell down into mysterious valley where demon and spirit possessed. The […]

The Mind Game

Tatthai, a boss of Thaitat group, had a terrible accident that almost destroyed his brain. The unexpected surgery effect has granted him a power to read people’s mind, allowing the man to behold their intention towards him. Because of this, Tatthai trust his aunt, Pinitnan and Naphat, an orphan who was patronized by his family, […]

Game of Outlaws

Janenaree and Lalisa are two sisters and policewomen who seek revenge for their father’s death. They join the team of inspector Non, who is working on the case of Sakda, a local mafia who killed Janenaree and Lalisa’s father. Janenaree accidentally kills Sakda and goes to jail. After her term in prison, she works as […]

Sailub Games Pomon 008

Games, a secret service from the Crime Suppression Unit, and his two young companies Dao and Pun form a team to investigate a case where a daughter of the wealthy Siaseng runs away from home in fear of kidnapping. Siaseng offers a ten-million Baht bounty to anyone who can bring his daughter back. The main […]

The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra

With “Ott” father’s last hope to take back Ramthep City where is now occupy by Asura (Giant Race), the boy was trained the martial art of Muay Thai for the mission of delivering 9 Satra, the sacred weapon to the Prince of Ramthep. As Ott began his journey to the city of Ramthep, he has […]

The Last Heroes

The historical comedy movie about a group of villagers in Yasotharawadee Kingdom, to get brave to protect their beloved homeland from the invader by volunteering to be spies and sneak in the enemy’s land to get the classified information by using their odd ways before the enemy set the troops to destroy their kingdom.

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