Skin Trade

Nick, from NYPD, and Toni Wittayakul, from Thai police department, are investigating the very same case at two different worlds. During an arrest in New York, Nick accidentally killed the youngest son of Viktor Drakovich. Viktor’s other two sons avenge their brother’s death by killing Nick’s wife and daughter. Narrowly escapes death, Nick flies to […]

Siam Yuth: The Dawn of the Kingdom

Affter the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767, Sin, a brave warrior, leads his men to Prajeenburi, helping people suffering from war along the way, as the Burmese soldiers spread their attack down to rural villages. At the same time, wandering musician Tup witnesses the cruelty of Khun Ram, a warrior who only sets his eyes […]

The Black Death

In 1565, the war between Ayothaya and Hongsa leaves a devastating number of soldiers and villagers dead. But a particular cause of death never mentioned in history is “Pee Ha”. At first, people fall ill and die from cholera. Then a corpse is found severely bitten, and while people are looking at it suspiciously, it […]

4 Kings

The story of conflicts among four vocational institutes: Kanokacheewa, Changkolburapan, Technologyprachachol and Intaraacheewasuksa, told through the memory of Billy, a former vocational student who turned to be a single dad with a teenage daughter. Though this father-daughter relationship is not very healthy, when the daughter gets injured from a vocational school gangs fight, Billy reminisces […]

Om! Crush on Me

Ryu, a man of ambiguous origin, was raised by a Buddhist abbot who taught him the sacred magic to protect himself. When Ryu decides to leave to search for his mother and his darling Osaisroy, the abbot asks Tong to accompany Ryu. During the journey, they unwittingly help a duo Asim and Jinlong who escaped […]

Dark World

The third world war ends with the great collapse of the economic system. People live without rule, the rich become the god, the poor become slaves. Only the strong ones survive. Ran, Feer and Irene, when they were young, were forced to play a game called ‘Monsonpa’. The only rule is the one who loses […]

The Seer

A girl is found murdered and buried in a very strange way. This alerts Maha Kating, a young astrologist who specializes in auspicious timing and fortune telling. He realizes that the ancient rite is performed in order to change the city’s fate to benefit someone wanting to take over. Whoever does this have to sacrifice […]

Blood Brothers

Napa, wife of Lt. Gen. Kittibodin of the Thai Air Force, miscarried while her husband stays abroad. At the time, Lumpao her housemaid was founded pregnant with twin boys, so Napa asked to adopt one of the boys. Lampao agreed because a fortuneteller predicted that the twins would kill each other one day if they […]

3 Will Be Free

Neo is a stripper who is running away from the loan shark Thana and his gang, after having an affair with Thana’s wife Vanika. One day, the criminals find him in the bar where he works. In attempting to escape, he ends up bumping into Shin, a gay boy, the son of Thana, who is […]

Detective K9

A severe accident changed Ray’s life completely. One great surprise was that after surgery, her sense of smell improved unexpectedly and exceptionally. This could be even better than dog’s sense. She then used this special sense to gain extra money by helping people investigating simple case. Until one day Ray was invited to join the police […]

Laila, Thida Yak

Laila is the princess of the Ogre kingdom. She is sent to the human world in order to escape from Pintumarn, a rebel who would like to dethrone the current Queen Pinturos, Laila’s mother, Marisa, a single mother and Jack, her son, adopt Laila without knowing her origin. Without memory that she is of different species, […]

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