The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra

With “Ott” father’s last hope to take back Ramthep City where is now occupy by Asura (Giant Race), the boy was trained the martial art of Muay Thai for the mission of delivering 9 Satra, the sacred weapon to the Prince of Ramthep. As Ott began his journey to the city of Ramthep, he has […]

Krut: The Himmaphan Warriors

When the War between the majestic Garuda and the monstrous Raksod burst into a wide-spread annexation all over the ancient world, the last soldiers of Garuda have the courageous Himmaphan Warriors joining their alliance. Together, they have to fight against the brutal annihilation from the cold-hearted creatures that want to conquer the world.

Khun Thongdang: The Inspirations

Three animated films interwoven with live-action segments are inspired by the good deeds of Khun Thong Daeng, the King’s beloved pet dog. Little Copper is about a robot who fixes a tin can into robot pup named Copper, giving its new life and value. Tong Lor tells the story of a puppy that wants to […]

Ananta: Light of Hope

When dark days rise in the kingdom and only the legendary “Sacred Stone” can put an end to it, Prince Ananta escapes his own city to see a friend of his dear father who will help training him into a more powerful warrior, so that he can bring back the stone to defeat the evil […]