Thida Wanorn

Thida, the leader of a minority tribe clan, left her home village and has to live in the jungle with her mother monkey. When she grows up, she meets a man who loves nature and offers to help her find her true parents. The problem is they have to run and escape the local mafia […]

Kongpuan Kuan Luea Chuea

Destiny makes Luachua, charming boy who is supposed to be the lead actor, take the role of the director in place of Peelam who just passed away but still concerns with his unfinished opus. Luachua fights with Kuendee, a producer who wants big profit to clear the debt of her family’s studio. Each one has […]

Koh Rak Gon Huajai

Aiyakupt, a rascal playboy meets an extrovert Fakfa, a resort owner who has to protect her nephew from her father’s side to gain the child raising right. While he was sent to Mooklom island for a estate business deal and has to disguise as Fakfa’s false husband. Will this theatrical play turn into a true […]

Pandemic Love: Pretties Kitties

Jane, Bow and Noon, pretty escort girls earn big money and live a luxurious life. They fall from grace when the COVID-19 pandemic strikes and have to sell products online to fend for their lives. Hank, a handsome man offers Noon and her friends supports and also shows them basic hygiene to survive in this […]

Market of Love

Yiam, a grilled pork vendor is always at odds with Honthanooroong, the market owner’s daughter, who has to become a seller against her will so that she can later study abroad. She never realized the daily troubles and the huge debts the market vendors had to face. Honthanoonroong determines to help these folks while her […]

Nora Saon

Tulaya, a southern big-eye girl, wants to mend the broken relationship between her mother Wipa and her grandfather Kru Wut, the owner of Mammaesomjit factory. Tulaya comes to work in this factory in disguise so no one knows that she is the granddaughter of Kru Wut. However her behaviors make Saifa, the factory manager suspects […]

Pooyai Sant Kamnan Sri

Tambon Donjaem is small town on the path connecting Pooyai Sant and Kamnan Sri. These two men are rivals, they compete to develop the sustainable community. Ong, the son of Kamnan Sri and View, the granddaughter of Pooyai Sant are the new generations who help the elders. However, this development stucks on the way of […]

Bite Me

Ek, a young man from Nan province, goes to Bangkok to further his studies. He works as a delivery man to earn money, but he has a dream to become a top chef. Chef Ua, a 30-year-old man, runs the restaurant Im-Ua to fulfill his dreams. But Chef Ua lacks talent. He has never thought […]

Don’t Say No The Series

Leo, a sous-captain of the university basketball team, is a political sciences student in his third year. He agrees to date Fierce, an art student and the captain of the university basketball team, also in his third year. But turning from friends to partners is not that easy. An important match is also approaching. Basketball […]

Nitiman The Series

Beebom is such a perfect law student. Jin, is a lively and always cheerful engineering student who is also a university star. One of them falls in love with the other boy causing a terrible discomfort. Their friends from sports and music clubs have to help to reconcile. What would happen to his miserable romance.

The Last Room No.6

An ordinary girl Piang who was born with a sixth sense that makes her able to see any spirit, gets an urgent mission to take care of her aunt’s mansion. However, something scares her, and she faints before even reaching the room. She thinks she saw a spirit, but actually, it was just a ghost […]

Gen Y The Series Season 2

The feeling of disappointment that arose with all characters in Gen Y The Series SS1 will be solved, especially the suddenly ended of Pha and Wayu. Wayu decided to start to be a couple with Thanu, but it may not be easy because of the unclear relationship between Thanu and Phai. At the same time, […]

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