Granny’s Recipe

Korn is a teenage biker who has to keep the Somtam restaurant of his family in business. After his grandmother, Don, dies, but her spirit still lingers around. She frequently appears before Korn’s eyes in to order to keep the secret recipe of the family. Korn loves his grandmother so much and tries hard to […]

My Naughty Girl

A story of Nont, an adventurous and idealistic reporter, who sneaks in to work at a beachside resort of Kamnan in order to escape the hunt and investigation of a local mafia backed by a famous politician. But as he doesn’t get along with Pu, a tomboy and daughter of Kamnan well, they become enemies. […]

Our Skyy 2

Cute stories from 8 boys’ love series actors. They will retell the yarns for the fans. 1000 Star, Bad Buddy Series, Never Let Me Go, The Eclipse, Star in My Mind, A Boss and a Babe, Vice Versa and My School President.

Be My Favourite

The life of Botkawee wouldn’t be the same again when Lukkaewdontree, the present he meant to buy for Praemai when he was a freshman, takes him back in time to be an 18-year-old boy again. Things turn upside down. Instead of being in love with Praemai, he becomes Peesaeng’s lover. How would this relationship change?

Love Me Deliciously

The life of Chomjan gets crazy when Metinee suddenly returns from overseas to fabricate a story to hide certain thing from Nakorn, her boyfriend, as she is too ashamed that her family sell the disgusting fermented fish. She then also becomes a liar. But this won’t go unnoticed for Phokin, Nakorn’s uncle. He tries to […]

A Boss and a Babe

Che is a fourth and final year student. He becomes an intern at a declining game company owned by Kan. Kan immediately get enticed by Che from his ultimate skill in E-Sport known as Laem. Moreover, Che opens a channel to make ASMR clips. These clips put the boss to sleep every night. So no […]

The Family

The Panabodee family has 4 heirs who are highly harmonious without a single dispute among them gaining compliment from others for their proper behaviors. But who knows the inner-relationship is entirely opposite. When a grandfather dies with wills sent to each of the heirs’ email. There are conditions they all need follow otherwise they will […]

Spy Kids Gang

At a police station, The Gang is ready to respond to the command from an inspector though they have to do it secretly in disguise. In a case of heritage murder, Teacher Tob and Teacher Olive want to have a GIFT fertilization, but the DNA test shows that they are in fact siblings. They try […]

Love and Revange

The love between Saeng and Phikul change into grudge that inherits to their child, Pakorn and Saengprow. No matter how strong they love each other, their parent’s resentment becomes their greastest obstacle.

Love in The Air

A crisis brings Rain and Sky, architecture student buddies to come across Payu, their faculty senior who works on the field as well as owning a race-car garage. Prapai, a sly speed-car racer, rescues Rain and Sky from a great danger. Such rescue unexpectedly become a turning point where their relationship turns more and more […]

Mafia The Series: Guns & Freaks

Beam, a university student, dreams of becoming a hero. But after his father, Rashen, died mysteriously, Beam’s life will never be the same. In fact, his father was the Nemesis gang leader, the largest mafia clan in Thailand. Instead of pursuing his dream as a hero, Beams has to become a head of a terrorist […]

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