F4 Thailand : Boys Over Flowers

Gorya, a student who earned a sport scholarship to student at a high-class school, meets the gang of four F4 including Tham, Ren, Kawin and MJ. These guys control other students’ life through the game ‘Red Card’. Tham the gang leader has an eye for Gorya and likes to tease her for attention. While Ren […]

Baker Boys

Veer, a handsome dessert chef, always loses his job from his charm. He just gets a new job at Sweet Day café run by Poon, an annoying cute boy and an heir of a millionaire. Poon has a troubled past making him unable to have sweet food. He runs this café just because he wants […]

Bad Buddy Series

Pat and Pran are destined to be enemies. Their families own neighboring-competing construction equipment stores so the two families can never befriend. However, when Pat and Pran were in Mattayom 3, they had to form a music band together so the two boys were getting close. Pran started to have a feeling for Pat. Later […]

46 Days

Yingying, a YouTuber with small number of views, was caught committing frauds. She can no longer earn money to look after Noina, her best friend. Their lives change course again when Noina meets a man of her dream, Doctor Korn, a perfect gentleman in terms of appearance and profession. The fortuneteller confirms that Noina will […]

Oh My Boss

Noomnim is a fresh graduate. She celebrates her success with friends at a bar. There she meets a cute Japanese guy and immediately falls for him. He gives her an unforgettable kiss in that too short evening. Noomnim loses the man’s namecard and lose contact with him. One month later, she gets a new job […]

Wo Ai Ni, I Love You

The chaotic love triangle between Yang Mi, Chen An and Dan Tai. A girl named Yang Mi breaks up with her boyfriend He Chen An and comes across Dan Tai, a young photographer who sees her as a nuisance. By a curious twist of fate, Dan Tai moves into the same apartment as Yang Mi’s. […]

My Boy The Series

“Just sex, not love” is an excuse that hurt Nut all along. He decided to quit the relationship and never love again. His dream shattered when his father told him that he would not support Nut again. Nut has to earn money on his own so that he may return to his studies, but it’s […]

Love Area

Valen, a young man born on Valentine’s Day but has never known love – not even the love of his parents. And he meets someone who shows him compassion and tenderness.

My Boss Calls Me My Love

Porphai is a young girl from upcountry who is skilled at making chicken stir-fried with basil, but suddenly, she is turned into a fictitious housewife for Anawat’s household. The handsome young man, Anawat, wonders about Porphai’s origin since she was not originally destined to meet him. Necessity leads both of them to be closer together, […]

Pota Mue Prab Hian

A hilarious escapade of Saifa, a detective police after the death of his dreamgirl’s father. Saifa is the only one who can communicate with the dead. The murder mystery and superstitious romp entangle in this investigation to regain justice for his passing father-in-law to be.

Prik Kub Gula

Ding, a headstrong handyman, comes to work for a family of Jeed, a spoiled girl who never surrenders. The pair always cause the messy chaos while each of them also has to deal with the wrongdoings of the close ones. Will the opposites of Ding and Jeed finally attract?

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