Water Boyy The Movie

In a Hua Hin high school where Nam attends, everything happens to be surrounding him. Nam is a gifted swimmer but not too keen on practicing. He doesn’t see eye to eye with Nueng, his dad and his swimming coach, due to Nueng’s secret he has just discovered. At the same time, his junior Nai […]

Tong-Pong Lost In Seoul

Tong and Pong are best of friends. They have nothing but the dream of becoming superstars. But no matter how much they have tried, they always get rejected. The two meet Tukta, the girl who just moved in the area. When they realize that Tukta likes singer, they start pursuing their old dream of becoming […]

There’s Something about Tott

Tott is handsome and good with words, a kind of guy many girls dream of. Nobody knows that what a girl did to him when he was young is the reason he becomes a girl pleaser without wanting to stick to anyone. His main mission, however, is trying to save money so that he can […]

Single Lady

Bright, a beautiful marketing manager who is also a blogger in her free time, has everything a woman could want and thinks she could live peacefully without love. So when a fortune teller tells her that there is someone still suffering from falling in love with her and that will affect both her strong career […]

Keep Running! Sir Yes Sir!

Ror Dor is Thai language shorter abbreviation for Reserve Officer Training Cops Student (ROTCS). During the period of field training at Khao Chonkai, there are rival groups of 3rd year students: “Grean Gang” and “Gao Gang”. Both gangs always cause troubles and receive punishment all the time. But more disturbing than their dispute is something […]

The Thesis

Three love stories that, being based on love and friendship, are all connected. “Love with Cigarette”: Tortan tries to satisfy his family by having kids but it’s not easy when JaJa asks him to quit smoking first. “The Thesis”: Film students are assigned to make a film as their graduation project, but due to different […]

Oh My Ghost 5

The chaos starts with the reunion of everyone’s favorites: Taew, Moddam, and the one and only sexy ghost Pancake. This time they’re back teaching at their former school. Taew finds some disturbing past may be relevant to the resurrection of ghost Son-glin, who has been communicating with a handsome student who happens to be able […]

Love You 100K

Poor country boy Klao desperately wants to marry his sweetheart Thongkwau. But Thongkon, his father-in-law-to-be, will allow that to happen only when Klao brings him “Sib Muen” (100,000 baht) as the bride-price. Although Klao is too poor, he is well backed by a group of ready-to-fight friends led by Wan, a saucy voice actor who […]

Miss Happy

Pisuk is an overacting woman who goes by her slogan “I’m happy…really!” no matter the troubles she runs into. It takes only two smiles from her for pain to vanish. But then something bad happens to her 3 times; she got sacked from her work, her longtime crush dates someone else, and her heart is […]

May Who?

Pong, an 11th grade student, belongs to the lowest ranking type in his school. Everything about him is too ordinary. Even if there’s no one but him on a stand, most likely he would still be overlooked. Being unnoticeable is okay if Pong does not have a secret crush on Ming and Ming does not […]

Make Me Shudder 3

Finally graduate, the class of 6/5 plan to have a trip to Phuket. They hit the storm along the way so they have to find shelter in a deserted hotel. They fall asleep while waiting for the rain to stop. Nick, the gang leader, dreams about Tsunami. He wakes the gang up with his ranting […]


Jae has reigned as a top sports newsreader for some time. But when she turns thirty, her television channel replaces her with a younger newsreader. As if that does not hurt enough, Jae finds that her boyfriend Champ, a superstar swimmer, is flirting with another girl behind her back. One big result of storming through […]

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