Long Live Love!

The story of a disheartened couple, Sati and Metta. The two are about to part ways due to their broken relationship, but destiny is playing a joke on them when Sati gets into an accident and wakes up with amnesia. The only way to bring back parts of his memory is to retrieve old photographs […]

Kitty The Killer

Dina, a highly trained teenager assassin has worked with her mentor, Keng, for years. Together, they have been on countless missions and have always had each other’s backs. However, their partnership is put to the test when Keng is betrayed by his own organization and is left for dead.As Keng’s escape, he meets Charlie, an […]

Because of Love

Ring, a girl who foresees coming dangers towards a person she touches, was bought by Singha’s grandfather from a shrine to protect him from all disaster. The grandfather forces them to get married, so Ring would be a protector of the family. Ring, however, acts like a tomboy to keep her virginity so that she […]

Devil in Law

All this happens after the funeral of Srikanda, Pawinee’s passing sister. Srikanda asked Pawinee before her death that Nik, Srikanda’s son must be under the care of Pawinee only! But Noppanai made a promise to himself that he won’t give his son to others. He also doesn’t believe that his mother, Madame Nuan, is behind […]

Royal Doctor

During the Rama III era, Thai traditional medicine crafts had developed to the fullest though there were occasional wars against Ang Yee thief clan. Bua is a medical student from the 5G era who is taken by a storm to another time dimension and meets a medical student from the past named Thong-On, a black […]

You Are My Universe

Kaew, a moonlighting part-worker who has to fend for herself as well as her family, was shocked to find out that grandmother Prai passed away and had given the beachside land she once owned to Tian, a man she had met for only a few days with a decent leasing contract. One condition declares that […]

Come Dance With Me, My Love

Fate brings Plengpin, a smart, just and pretty girl who loves the art of Ponglang, to Onson Ponglang Isan troupe under the management of Bhumi against her parents’ will. However, Ponglang performance is not her only dream. Plengpin also wants to seek revenge for her wrongly accused parents without realizing that the troupe will lead […]

Love the Way You Lie

Sa-ing, a repenting lady crook, is sold to Brother Lek, a casino owner, by her step-father to repay the debts. She escapes to Bangkok to find her biological father. There she meets Pae, a seemingly good man, before they part again. In fact, Pae is a founder of “Learn the cheating tricks” Page to fight […]

Step By Step

Jeng is a new manager in the office. But his perfectionism makes everyone there hates him, especially Pat who has enough of his misplaced job position. Jeng and Pat have many problems between them until Pat gets burnt-out. But their closeness finally leads to a big change. When they both learn about each other’s weakness. […]

Sassy Matchmaker

Khun Pra or Pra Rittirongronnayuth of a police division is a handsome man. He dedicated his life to suppress the Pra Nakorn riot which prevented him from enjoying his life nor getting married. His elder relatives get worried so they hire Yaytaem, the top go-between of Pra Kakorn with her niece Noree as an assistant. […]

Phuyai Sah Kub Yajai

Sah, an engineer, is always deemed by other a hapless since his birth. He decides to apply for the Mai Siab Kai village headman position and has to fight against the son of the local mafia. Luck is on his side and he wins voiding the libel Yajai, a local nurse, had towards him since […]

My Beloved Lady

When her life is in danger, Lalin, an upper-class girl who just escaped a malice, has to lie that she turned amnesiac and disguise as a girlfriend of Pey, a farm owner from Isan region. This is to find sanctuary and to search for the lost key of the safety box of her mother. Things […]

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