Summer Documentary: Jan Chan

A documentary following stories behind the shooting of a photobook ‘Summer Diary: Jan Chan 1st Photobook’ in Hokkaido, Japan portraying Jan Chan (Jetsupa Kruetang), a former member of BNK48 first generation enjoying Japanese cities and sceneries.

BNK48: Girls Don’t Cry

BNK48 is an idol girl group, whose 26 members are girls from 13 years old to 23 years old. The concept of the band based on an ordinary, but dedicating character. In each single, only 16 from 26 members are selected to be the part of it. So, every girl needs to put all of […]

Bangkok Joyride Part 3: Singing at Funerals

‘Singing at Funerals’, part 3 of the Bangkok Joyride saga of the epic 7-month long Shutdown Bangkok protest, records the first 2 weeks of the occupation of Bangkok, 15 – 26 January 2014. From superstar academics Teacher Lily and Dr Seri’s hysterical impersonations of PM Yingluck on stage, to the fatal bomb at Bantad-Tong; from […]

Bangkok Joyride Part 2: Shutdown Bangkok

Bangkok Joyride: Shutdown Bangkok is the second of an epic documentary series with no commentary, a record of the Shutdown Bangkok protests of 2013-2014. Part 2 covers the lead-up to & the actual Shutdown Bangkok itself, from 22 December 2013 – 15 January 2014, including the crossing of the river and Art Lane, with an […]

Bangkok Joyride Part 1: How We Became Superheroes

The first of an epic documentary series with no commentary, a record of the Shutdown Bangkok protests of 2013-2014. Bear witness to how and why millions of ordinary Thai people occupy the streets, parks and government buildings for 7 months. Part 1 shows how the protest gathered steam; what propelled millions of people to rise […]


A documentary that follows the mission of a Rockstar Toon Bodyslam to run from Betong district of the deep-south Yala province to Maesai district of the Northern Chiang Rai province in 55 days, covering the distance of 2,215 kilometers under the project ‘Kao Kon La Kao’ that collects donations for 11 hospitals to acquire necessary […]


The film is based on interviews of 100 Thai teenagers’ age between17-19 with diverse gender identities. They have shared their experiences, personal life, and attitude towards their social life in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, where they have grown up in. The common theme of these stories are their coming of age, confusion with dreams […]

The Journey

13 October 2016, TVs and Radios announce that King Bhumibol Adulyadej has passed away. Manatsanun Phanlerdwongsakul is driving when she hears the news. Together with millions of Thais, she is overwhelmed by sadness. The world is spinning. Life has come to a halt, before it starts again and be changed forever. In need for closure, […]

Phantom Of Illumination

Once upon a time, cinema was mainstream entertainment in Thailand. Movie theatres in Thailand were the place where families hung out. 30 years ago, there were 140 standalone movie theatres in Bangkok. As time went by, old-fashioned movie theatres are forgotten. Most of them became second-class movie theatre showing double feature or pornography and eventually […]

Railway Sleepers

Railway Sleepers explores the close connection between Thai people and Thai railway, a celebration and record of what it is like to live in Thailand today. Through various activities and scenes inside and outside The moving vehicles, the film turns the train into the microcosm of life in Thailand during this changing time. With mundane […]

Young Puppeteer

Roong Boonsing is a young lad who loves to ride his motorcycle. He is expelled from school and has to move to a new village school. Teacher Ben knows that Roong once was a young master of Morlam puppet a while ago. He then encourages Roong to resurrect his Morlam troupe and master the art […]

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