Y/our Music

The music documentary about different perspective of various artists towards their bonds with music, i.g. the national “Mor Lam” artist like Chaweewan Phantu, DJ MAFT SAI, the one who brings Mor Lam to a hot trend, the experimental art-music band Happyband and many more. They’re all sharing their opinion on how they should be opened […]

The Song of Rice

The film presents the view on the way of rice and farmers across the country, leaving the impression of how these people are able to live colorful lives and celebrate many of their occasions with their rice paddies throughout the year. They may have different voices, but their hearts sing the same tune.

Mard Payak: The Great MuayThai Fighter

Samart Payak-arun, now also using the name Samart Poptheeratham, is a legendary Muay Thai fighter. He began his career in 1974 when he was only twelve and reached his first peak around 1979-1983, having become Lumpini boxing stadium’s champion of four different weight classes. His second peak was when he turned to Western-style boxing and […]

Kyushu The Movie

The film depicts the 30-day journey through 7 Japanese prefectures of Dan and Aeh. The biggest challenge is that they aren’t allowed to bring money. They need to perform music on street in order to sell 999 CDs in exchange of food and traveling fees. Dan and Eeh make their own music, translate the lyrics […]

The Guitar King

The film follows Laem Morrison, the living legend guitar king of Thailand, to Norway and Germany, getting to know the place he was bonded and reliving his past glory in music. He also gets to do two concerts in Norway. With the crowd coming in to enjoy his guitar, it’s almost like they’re going back […]

The Down

The story of understanding and social acceptance that would walk the audiences through the normal daily life of the 5 Down Syndrome patients: Pan – The kind, energetic girl working in AIS and the first Down Syndrome patient in Thailand who graduated with Bachelor’s degree from Bangkok University; Bank – The UNIQLO staff who is […]

Come and See

In Thailand where the major religion is Buddhism, the wealthiest and the most controversial temple “Dhammakaya” is in crisis. The 72-year-old abbot was charged with money laundering and receiving stolen property from one of his followers. On June 16, 2016, the police arrived at the temple with a search warrant but faced resistance from thousands […]

Udom Land + Shooting Day

“Udom Land” is a film that invites you to meet another side of Udom Taepanich, a famous stand-up comedian and also an artist who ‘creates’ and ‘destroys’ in order to ‘innovate’. If you find Pen-Ek Ratanaruang’s “Samui Song” a charismatic work, you would certainly enjoy “Shooting Day”, a behind-the-scene documentary that will make your second […]

100 Times Reproduction of Democracy

100 Times Reproduction of Democracy interrogates the notion of copyright ownership in reproducible artistic works such as films. The documentary poses a question whether a film should belong to a funder, a director, the audience, or a collector; at the same time, this very question is paralleled with the notion of democracy ownership in Thailand, […]

School Town King

Two boys, Book and Non , cannot adhere to Thailand’s school culture. Every morning, students must stand perfectly in rows to sing the national anthem and recite the controversial ‘Twelve Values’ created by the military junta. The school curriculum’s core focuses only on academic achievement, making them lack interest. After school, they walk home to […]

The Caved Life

The Moo Pa Academy junior soccer team cave rescue at Tham Luang in 2018 is the phenomenal success that beat the most difficult challenge from global support. It was an international sensation glorifying mankind’s humanity in this modern world. After 2 years, the memories fades, the folks who habitat the area are slowly forgotten. For […]

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