Noose of Nakee

Tawadee is a Nakee who falls in love with Prathong. But their love is impossible when Prathong learns that Tawadee is not a human. Prathong flees to Prang-usa, a woman he loves. But they both have to sacrifice their lives. Tawadee is captivated in Pharoon and is punished to death with a jewelry on Nakee’s […]

A Wildflower in the City

Meena is a girl from upcountry who comes to help her father in Bangkok. But her father was hunted by a loan shark until he died. Meena stands up and fight for justice. She has Amy, a beautiful friend, Khunpol, a cop and Uncle Jom on her side to fight against the mafia. This results […]

Pua Mae Pae Bor Dai

Koy is a girl from Northeastern region of Thailand. She dreams of developing her family’s land beyond merely growing rubber trees. But the problem is this land is going to be confiscated by a local mafia. Koy tries every possible means to take this land back, but it’s not going to be easy. Trin, a […]

Justice in the Wild

Love turns into revenge when Win, a playboy, loses his sister who has an ideal to protect the forest from Pim’s father, the powerful mafia. Pim is a volunteer teacher and Win’s girlfriend. Things get worse when someone sets up a scene to make her misunderstand that he kills her father, while the forest is […]

Boyband The Series

Top and Juju become rivals in a six-member boy band audition as they both want to be one of the six selected. They are in fact in love. But the romantic relationship among boy band members is forbidden, so they have to hide their true feelings. Yet, their fan club spot their romantic chemistry and […]

Double Savage

The sibling relationship among Lee, Pakorn and Pawin turns sour when two players, Roongtawan-a child of garment factory nearby and Asalaha or Hia A, a thief Pakorn got involved with put him in convict. How would this story of love between him and her and the sibling bond get resolved?

The Sky Without the Sun

A difficult life of Pokchat who has to fend for family. He adheres to the good deeds following her father’s teaching. He has Namfon, the daughter of a tycoon, helping him and his family. They develop a relationship. But things turn worse when Pokchat has to face several misunderstandings. His father disappeared without a clue […]

Lucky Swan

A story on the separation between Sompo, a girl with a hard life, and her rich father as a result of her grandmother’s anger. Fate struck and that keeps her from seeing her own father and she has to accept the responsibility to take care of the family business. She proves herself until the grandmother […]

Midnight Museum

Dome is a staff in a coffee shop. He was invited by Katha to work at a mysterious museum that opens only after midnight. The first night at the museum, Dome enters the forbidden Zone 16. He unintentionally rekindles the spell of stuffs in Zone 16. Katha then has to help Dome solve this. But […]

The Family

The Panabodee family has 4 heirs who are highly harmonious without a single dispute among them gaining compliment from others for their proper behaviors. But who knows the inner-relationship is entirely opposite. When a grandfather dies with wills sent to each of the heirs’ email. There are conditions they all need follow otherwise they will […]

Behind the Revenge

Pornwalai is an older sister of Yodtian and a mistress of Prakob, who adores Pornwalai. When Pornwalai brings along her dear Nithan to meet Prakob to end their relationship, Prakob has a heart failure and inherits all his wealth to Pornwalai. Nopparut, Prakob’s son, won’t leave them in peace and he seeks revenge on both […]


When all his friends has a sweetheart, Fuse, a hot engineering student, fears that he will be eternally single, so Tossakan, a peer doctor student, has to give him a helping hand. Via Tossakan, Fuse meets Ana, a 5th year dentist student who he immediately strikes a relationship. Would this be true love? Let’s find […]

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