The Retribution

Ruang, a success-greedy man, does everything to achieve the greatness. He is super selfish and never cares for anybody around him. He imprints Karma to both men and animals. One day, he kills all the family member of Din except himself. Din escapes to a temple and changes his name to Nakorn. Growing up to […]

Mae Bia

Destiny brings Chanachol and Mekhala together leading them to complicate affairs that they can never escape. The problem is Chanachol is married and he has Maikaew as a beautiful wife and a kid. The king cobra haunted by the master spirit comes to protect Mekhala and stays to watch her. The superstitions, mysterious serpent and […]

Tantawan Si Plerng

When Tantawan, an owner of a vineyard and a resort, has to fight with her neighbors who want claim her land. Wirut, a young businessman, admires Tantawan’s integrity and offers to help her against the greed ones. The relationship between Tantawan and Wirut blossoms amidst the business conflicts with others around them.

Somewhere Our Love Begins

Arisara is a beautiful girl who was good at study and talented in painting. She was born without a love in between her parents, however; she used this incomplete life to push herself and reach for the dream of having a complete family with true love. Destiny brought her to meet with a man named […]

Love and Fortune

The master of ‘Arpa’ Palace Prince Pong had to leave the town for work, while leaving his two wives, Lady Gularb and Warissara who were about to give birth behind. He was worried so he asked Warissara’s brother, Manas to take care of them. Both gave birth at the same period, unfortunately Warissara’s baby died. […]

The Last Room No.6

An ordinary girl Piang who was born with a sixth sense that makes her able to see any spirit, gets an urgent mission to take care of her aunt’s mansion. However, something scares her, and she faints before even reaching the room. She thinks she saw a spirit, but actually, it was just a ghost […]

Are We Alright?

Ai, an architect student, looks for a place to do an internship. He meets Karat who is fighting with Chakrit and he becomes a hero who helps Karat. Karat thanks Ai but believes that she will never meet him again. However destiny bring them together again many times as Ai becomes Karat’s assistant. Karat is […]

Oh My Sweetheart

Don and Sudrak are close friends. Don is a music genius and a son of DD Music studio. Sudrak is a daughter of a media tycoon, Delimedia and also loves to play music. Don dreams of being a professional musician like Dorn, his older brother. Unfortunately, Dorn died from an accident on the day Don […]

From Zero to Hero

Ten has lived with Tin, his father as Ten’s mother passed away shortly after his birth. Until Tin dies from coronary artery disease, Ten then contacts his father’s gang, but Din, Tin’s younger brother, is travelling abroad to film clips without mobile phone connection. His father’s friends then agree to take of Ten in their […]

Game of Outlaws

Janenaree and Lalisa are two sisters and policewomen who seek revenge for their father’s death. They join the team of inspector Non, who is working on the case of Sakda, a local mafia who killed Janenaree and Lalisa’s father. Janenaree accidentally kills Sakda and goes to jail. After her term in prison, she works as […]

Help Me! Oh My Ghost

Mutita is so gorgeous and charming that all other girls envy her. She has a perfectly rich and handsome fiancé named Khetkhan. They are about to enter wedlock with rose petals. However, Mutita encounters Anon, a jealous spirit from a premature death. They are supposed to be buddies. But it turns out advantageous for Mutita […]

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