The story of a man who has a duty to pass on messages to four different eras (Stone Age / Bang Rachan Era / Tom Yum Kung Crisis / Future World Era). It creates a bond between human beings that is happy, sad, mixed with evil but impressive.

Long Live Love!

The story of a disheartened couple, Sati and Metta. The two are about to part ways due to their broken relationship, but destiny is playing a joke on them when Sati gets into an accident and wakes up with amnesia. The only way to bring back parts of his memory is to retrieve old photographs […]

Conniving Bedfellows

After losing the main pillar of the Orayanee family, the remaining female members are doomed from romantic life. Petchroy and Ployroong meet gigolos who destroys their life. Tatcha, a pretty yet shallow boy. And Poomjai, a dandy man, as well as Napong, a bad boy heartthrob. Even Orayanee who always has Wim to protect the […]

Eclipse of the Heart

The life of Rina is so perfect. Her father is like a sun of the family. When her father mysteriously died, Rina tried to find the truth behind his untimely passing. However, what she discovered made her learn that our identity may have many angles. Be it her father or Korn, a playboy and a […]

You Touched My Heart

Kuakun, a businessman who has everything, was hurt when he got rejected after asking Pimrata for marriage. Pimrata instead turned to Chanut, an heir of Jangwangprawas family. Kuakun later meets Anyamanee, a girl who gives him heartthrobs. Though Anayamanee has a psychological complex and hatred towards men, she welcomes Kuakun well. The vengeance scheme makes […]

The Lady of the Forest

Dao is a beautiful idealistic girl who wants to protect and preserve nature and human dwellers. She grew up in a forest and has learned to live there. She finally receives a magic power from the wild with a black tiger as her close friend. One day Dao goes to a city to survey the […]

House Of Stars

“Every house has rules. What would it be when the house of the top-country star manager, a place where many top actors are gathered. They have to live together under the house rules and compete for their jobs. Their hearts and desires eager to be a number one in the industry. But there’s always a […]

Bed Friend

King is a charming officer worker. He never has a boyfriend, only bed buddies. Ua is a beautiful boy and an introvert. They work at the same office and though they have known each other for so long as they are both Jate’s friends, they don’t get along so well. King is too troublesome to […]

My Lucky Star

Ratti is a top jewelry designer, who loves speed car racing. He accidentally meets Chomjan, a scammer who sells fake jewelries to big clients, claiming that they were designed by Ratti. Chomjan doesn’t realize that the danger is coming around her and fate is playing a trick on her. They both have to solve the […]

Unhating You

Rossana has to try every possible means to find money to pay for her sick mother’s hospital bill. Fate strikes and she is laid-off from her job. But as she has to save her mother, Rossana disguises as a bogus daughter of a millionaire so she has a share in the inheritance. But when Rossana […]

Love Hurts

Venigar is a girl who gets rich soon in her life and is usually called a young millionaire. Bantao is her best friend always on her side. But fate brings Venigar to Teerakit, a savvy business man, who supports Venigar’s business. Dangwad is Teerakit’s remote relative who always gives advice. Teerakit is the one who […]

The Revengers

The battle between Kla Phalek, a talented cop and Suaphan, a great thief who seeks vengeance on the community’s village headman, leads him to Mafai, a tomboy who secretly helps the thief. The closer they are, the stronger their hearts throb. The more they learn about their birth, the more they know who the real […]

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