Vanishing Point

The story about three men who run away from their miserable lives in different forms at different time: A young, determined reporter who can’t tolerate injustice, a factory owner who turns his back on his past and faces his daily life with no hope, and an elder monk who wants to find real happiness in […]


Three love stories in different corners of the world: Paris – At the evening Barack Obama won his 2nd election, Arthur has reunited with his girlfriend Vivian. He is a young and broke interpreter while Vivian is a former actress in Hong Kong enjoying her new life in Paris. Bangkok – June is thinking back […]


A group of high school friends meet once again after their graduation for a friend’s wedding. The wedding is held at their school, thus making it more like a homecoming for them. This is when Pueng, the bride’s bestfriend, and Boy, the photographer, meet again. The atmosphere of the school they used to go, their […]

Postcard From Nowhere

Sailom loves photography and usually makes them into postcards. Every single one of his postcards are kept in a cookie box and written in beautiful words. Realizes that they never look perfect because there are no receivers, he decides to sell them in exchange of taking photographs of those who take them. One day, Kanda, […]


When King Phetracha is crowned the King of Ayutthaya, his adopted son Prince Suae has already been investigating a case where someone uses his name to take advantages from people. He disguises himself as Duea and gets to know Sin along the way. The Prince and Sin fights over beautiful Nual and ends up being […]


Chanachon is a real estate tycoon who wants to buy an exotic Thai-style house on the bank of a river in Suphanburi. There, he becomes obsessed with the place and its owner, the beautiful and tempting Mekhla, both seem to be guarded by a giant snake. The obsession affects his married life and gets him […]


Jae has reigned as a top sports newsreader for some time. But when she turns thirty, her television channel replaces her with a younger newsreader. As if that does not hurt enough, Jae finds that her boyfriend Champ, a superstar swimmer, is flirting with another girl behind her back. One big result of storming through […]

Love is

Wei, Xing, and Xiaoping grow up in Doi Maesalong, Chiang Rai. Wei and Xing are with their grandmother, with Xiaoping being Wei’s fiance according to their parents’ last wishes. But Wei only has Xing in his heart and sees Xiaoping as a friend while Xing is dating Kamol who she gets to know through Xiaoping. […]

Love Confession

Guy is a university student who chooses to step out and let his girlfriend decide for herself when she confesses to him that she is seeing another man. Dumped but still believes in love, Guy runs into Blu, once his best friend and the girl he secretly had a crush on back in their high […]

Latitude 6

Ton, a Buddhist bank clerk and sometime musician, is transferred to Pattanee with FaiFoo, his lovely niece. He meets Fah, a Muslim teacher in FaiFoo’s elementary school and falls fast for her. But Fah’s father, Mr.Hudson, does not want his daughter to talk to men in other religions. Meanwhile, Chareef, a young school Pencak Silat […]

Krua Toh

Somdej Phra Buddhacharn Toh Promarangsi is one of the most revered monks in Rattanakosin era (today’s era, starting in 1782 when Bangkok was established the capital of Siam). This film tells his story in three parts; his childhood, his novice, and his days in monkhood.

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