Onlawon Kon Kangban

A story between two neighboring houses. One live a couple Uncle Chai and Aunt Eed both pensioners. Another lives Khunpol, a university student where his young friends frequent. The generation gap causes these neighbors lot of troubles, but as they have to live together, they have to learn to understand each other anyway.

F4 Thailand : Boys Over Flowers

Gorya, a student who earned a sport scholarship to student at a high-class school, meets the gang of four F4 including Tham, Ren, Kawin and MJ. These guys control other students’ life through the game ‘Red Card’. Tham the gang leader has an eye for Gorya and likes to tease her for attention. While Ren […]

Not Me

Black and White are twins separated for 15 years after their parents broke up. When White returns to Thailand he finds that Black has become a dormant after suffering from a severe attack. White takes Black’s identity to find the criminal. He joins the gang of close friends: Jean, Gram and Yok. He believes that […]


Kimhan found the dead body of Wimolrat, his sister, who was shot at her house by Tada, her husband. Tada set up the scene and claimed that Wimolrat committed suicide. He asks Mookrin, his sister and Kimhan’s girlfriend, to prove him innocent of all charges. A year later at the wedding of Kimhan and Mookrin, […]

The Comments

Papaeng is the best student as well as the student president of her school. This seemingly perfect girl commits suicide during a social media live the same way Gina, her trans idol who had been cyberbullied and decided to end her life during a broadcast. Khan, Papaeng’s brother, investigates the case with the help from […]

An Eye For An Eye

The Julapakborirak family loses the tycoon Thanapop, the CEO of JPB Groups from a plane crash accident. Metinee, the eldest daughter however survives. Then Kessara, the new wife of the tycoon and his ex-secretary takes the CEO role. Metinee believes that Kessara schemed a plan to kill Thanapop. She asks Wayu and Kampanat, her brothers […]

Revenge of Love

Cathaleya, a new-wave jewelery desginer of the world, returns to Thailand with an aim to take a revenge on Euakan, a successful Thai jewelery business woman, who jeopardized her family with mysterious death of her parents 15 years ago. The A-List team of 4 members trained by her uncle, David; has been assigned on the […]

Bangkok Zero

In the morning of 5th September, there have been random explosions across Bangkok, leaving people around the capital city with panic and fear and starting to question if the mysterious hashtag #5SepCityBomb, which was mushrooming through social media earlier, has anything related to the explosions. The official statement has been announced that the people behind […]

Lost Star

A story of two young ladies who fight against each other to reach for the top spot. One is already in the limelight of the entertainment world, while the other is an unfortunate girl from a countryside who struggles to get her foot in the door. Her goal was only to beat her competitor even […]

Mae Nak Phra Khanong

The legend of Prakanong farmland, the spirit and lingering of Maenak ghost and Pomak, her ex-husband who made an eternal pact. But obstacle leaves them apart eternally. Yet, the relentless willpower of Maenake never ceases and she wants to remain close to her loved one as death may not do them part.

Love Area

Valen, a young man born on Valentine’s Day but has never known love – not even the love of his parents. And he meets someone who shows him compassion and tenderness.

Pai Daeng

Kwaen Kaenkamjorn believes in communists ideology and spreads this belief to Paidang village. Krang abbot who has heard all the problems from Kamnun Jerm does not share this belief. Though they have conflicting ideals, fighting is not a good resolution. They still live together with mercy keeping the Thai traditional way of living to prove […]

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