The Messenger

Khiw, the god of love who lost confidence in love, asked to leave the heaven and go to human’s world to find the “answer to love”. In such a data era that is easy to love and break up, when he met Design, Khiw finally changed his opinion about love, which was firmly believed by […]

Pota Mue Prab Hian

A hilarious escapade of Saifa, a detective police after the death of his dreamgirl’s father. Saifa is the only one who can communicate with the dead. The murder mystery and superstitious romp entangle in this investigation to regain justice for his passing father-in-law to be.

Kongpuan Kuan Luea Chuea

Destiny makes Luachua, charming boy who is supposed to be the lead actor, take the role of the director in place of Peelam who just passed away but still concerns with his unfinished opus. Luachua fights with Kuendee, a producer who wants big profit to clear the debt of her family’s studio. Each one has […]

The Wand Warrior

The legend of the Singha magic wane from the past brings all those who shared the history back together. It’s the beginning of the love story between Trai and Sirinda who were a couple from past lives. They may become the key to the ancient treasure that everyone looks for. The hunt for the Singha […]

My Ghost Protector

‘Suban’ town that ruled by King Tri-Raja, was about to be seized the power from the King’s minister, Chaiyod, and wicked shaman. The king ordered his batmen to take his 10 years-old heir, Prince Tinnakorn escaped from the town. During the escape, the prince fell down into mysterious valley where demon and spirit possessed. The […]

Love in Twilight

Parichart left her boyfriend and came to ‘Dok Dang Creek’ to fulfill her principle as a teacher. She walked into the wood then saw a red full moon in twilight with the roared sound of the tiger. She ran but met up with some huntsmen, suddenly a royal tiger jumped out and killed huntsmen brutally. […]

Help Me! Oh My Ghost

Mutita is so gorgeous and charming that all other girls envy her. She has a perfectly rich and handsome fiancé named Khetkhan. They are about to enter wedlock with rose petals. However, Mutita encounters Anon, a jealous spirit from a premature death. They are supposed to be buddies. But it turns out advantageous for Mutita […]

A Devillish Cupid

Human love can never go far enough. The mischievous devil hungry for good merits wants to participate. This depressed devil has been out of pleasure for more than a hundred years, he borrows a young man’s body to hang out. Things get complicated when the retarded owner of that body turns to be a slick […]

Love Under the Moonlight

Thana, an immortal man, has waited for more than 200 years to have his loved one come back. Until he meets Tongjan, a woman whose appearance and character strikingly match those of his past lover. Tongjan shed a new light on Thana’s life, but how could he win Tongjan’s heart when, unlike her, he is […]

Switch of Fate

When the blood moon rises, Tet and Pasawat mysteriously swap bodies when they crashed into each other. Tet, a rising co-pilot, who is about to be married to a beautiful physician, Kulanit, is now in the body of Pasawat, a washed-out actor whose girlfriend is Jinny, a struggling model. Pasawat, in Tet’s body, wakes up […]

A Mission from the Goddess of Rice

Kwamwang, an uneducated naïve farmer, switches his body with Pakpoom, the top executive of the country who enjoys exploiting others but then turns into a farmer working with buffalos. When Pakpoom, the leader of the full-circuit agriculture, decides to signs a contract with an American company, he never realizes that this would lead to a […]

The Miracle of Naga Gem

Based on a true story of “Father Pon Artipanyayo” of Wat Dan Pra-In temple, Mukdahan province. Pol, a once sympathetic boy, is facing family problems and turns his back to religion. He becomes a drug-dealer and has to flee to Bangkok. There he meets Nui who encourages Pol to work with Pen, a mafia mistress […]

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