Love Arumirai

Keng and Bella have been marrying for 7 years, but their love has started to fade due to them being preoccupied with their work: Keng with his drug dealer hunting job and Bella with her skyrocketing career in fashion design. While Keng is busy tracking down the dealers, Bella has received offer from Paris famous […]

Ananta: Light of Hope

When dark days rise in the kingdom and only the legendary “Sacred Stone” can put an end to it, Prince Ananta escapes his own city to see a friend of his dear father who will help training him into a more powerful warrior, so that he can bring back the stone to defeat the evil […]

The Seer

A girl is found murdered and buried in a very strange way. This alerts Maha Kating, a young astrologist who specializes in auspicious timing and fortune telling. He realizes that the ancient rite is performed in order to change the city’s fate to benefit someone wanting to take over. Whoever does this have to sacrifice […]

My Ambulance

Sunflower, a young woman who devotes her life to Dr. Peng, a cold emergency physician who has been together with her for 15 years. Both are lovers with “magical powers that can instantly reach each other despite the distance!” Peng could quickly reach her, like “My Ambulance” This force was born from “love” until one day, Sharks, […]

Love After Life

A romantic story of Dao whose soul was possessed by a sexy vampire making her lure clueless men for sacrifice. When a bright young attorney, Maroot, found out, he moved her body and kept her at his place.

Laila, Thida Yak

Laila is the princess of the Ogre kingdom. She is sent to the human world in order to escape from Pintumarn, a rebel who would like to dethrone the current Queen Pinturos, Laila’s mother, Marisa, a single mother and Jack, her son, adopt Laila without knowing her origin. Without memory that she is of different species, […]

The Golden Silkworm

The Yong family owned the wealthiest silk company in the country. Their abundance however brought along a series of wars between the heirs’ wives; childless lady Sabai, beautiful village girl Pikoon, and Xie, a girl from the highland. When Pikoon delivered a son and gave the family the first-born grandson, she gained her place as the first lady of […]

Mansion of Blood

Narudom is an inheritor of a large mansion called ‘Prasat Payup Mek’. But once he set foot in this mansion, he changed from a nice man to a loyal disciple of the devil Mekin whom he resurrected using a mysterious scripture containing an undead spell from Tibet. Although his friends, Witthawas and Rommanee, try to […]

Answer for Heaven

Aad, a news reporter of Thaitat news agency, planned to work at ease in the following three months before moving to a new agency. Nevertheless, he was assigned to cover a new brutal murder case, putting him again in danger and risks. During the investigation, he meets a strangely stoic man who is always clumsy […]

The 4 Guardians

Pea, with his supernatural “Earth power”, decided to secretly help people around. There were 3 other people who had the same kind of power as him, but in different elements – fire, water, and wind. If four of them could gather, they would have the ultimate power to control the four magical items which allowed the owner to […]


The superpower of Dtagrut Ton, metal amulet, and smuggled gold leads to greed, chase, and superstitious influence. Sayomphu, a police officer, teams up with Tan Paknompho, an ex-convicted, and Natesai, a brave thief’s daughter to protect everyone from the villains. They have to put both their life and love at stake to do so.

Beauty and the Wild

Phupha was raised by a clan of thieves. He knew all along that the mean criminal who took care of him was not his real father. Phupha then secretly takes the police’s side fooling his clan to still trust him. He also pretends to wed ML Petchnamphueng, a diplomat’s daughter, to protect her from danger. […]

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