Bua Pun, Beauty and the Blade

Bua dreamt of being a soldier from such a young age but her father has been objecting and obstructing throughout her childhood. To fulfil her dreams, Bua secretly went to study with the master Luang Ta Kong. The skills and the passion she holds has made her become a swordswoman where she goes on to […]

The Kinnaree Conspiracy

Back to King Narai era in Ayutthaya period, a French captain Jean was found dead making all Ayuttaya on fire. Pudson, a female medic of the era, was inevitably involved. Things got more complicated when she was surrounded by two gentlemen: Okluang Intararatpakdee, a noble policeman, and Monsieur Robert, a French man. An investigation on […]

A Tale Of Ylang Ylang

A story of Sroysaban-nga, a rebellious daughter who wants to reclaim the honor of her family. She trains herself to be a fair lady, ambitious and to hold on to her pride. She won’t accept any failure. But the more she tries, the further away she is from the success. The only thing left may […]

Khun Pan 3

In 1950, after the end of the 2nd World War, Thailand was forced into signing a treaty that required the country to deliver 1.5 million tons of rice to Great Britain as war reparations and to nullify the declaration of war against the Allies. The country faced food shortages and poverty; economic inequality became clear […]

Tid Noi: More Than True Love

The true love legend of Tid Noi, a man who devote his heart to Nak, a gorgeous girl of the era. They have been friends since childhood.  Tid Noi dedicates all to take care of his loved one. Yet Nak respects him as a big brother, as she has an eye for another hot man […]

IKai -Dek Wat Chedi

Keng and Piak, two brothers and cock-fighting gamblers, escape the local mafia and take shelter at an abandoned temple in Sichon, Nakhon Si Thammarat as a hideout. There, they befriend Kai, a young guardian spirit who safeguards the temple’s treasure. This trove is a prime target of a number of vicious thieves, including Khun Saman […]

Love Destiny: The Movie

After settling down together and only being separated in death during the Ayutthaya era (1351-1767 CE), Dej and Karaket are reborn in the early Rattanakosin period (1782-1855 CE). But there is only one of them who still believes in ‘destiny’. Bhop, a chief engineer with the sweetest smile in Siam, has been seeing the same […]

The Fabric

One thousand years ago in Wiang Chai Chet Buri, Chao Luang Rangsiman arranges a weaving competition to select a wife, his Chao Nang Luang on the throne. On the day the textiles are to be presented, Anyanang Homnuan of Nakhon Pha Ngam is strangled to death just before the weaving is finished. All the killer […]


The legend of Mae Nak Prakanong, about a female spirit in the era of King Rama V, is well known but not much is known about her unborn son Daeng. He is the spirit of a child who wants nothing more than to befriend humans.

The Retribution

Ruang, a success-greedy man, does everything to achieve the greatness. He is super selfish and never cares for anybody around him. He imprints Karma to both men and animals. One day, Ruang kills a family, but left Din alive. Din escapes to a temple and changes his name to Nakorn. Growing up to become a […]

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