Interlocking Hearts on Chao Phraya

Saming is a boatman who has Srinual, a beautiful Lamtud performer of Lantae, Ayutthaya, in his heart. But his love won’t flow smoothly like a stream. When Lersan, a police cadet comes to their lives and destiny makes the three part. Lersan’s only heir, Soydao, becomes the sole factor of Srinual’s life.Unluckily, Sming is accused […]

Royal Doctor

During the Rama III era, Thai traditional medicine crafts had developed to the fullest though there were occasional wars against Ang Yee thief clan. Bua is a medical student from the 5G era who is taken by a storm to another time dimension and meets a medical student from the past named Thong-On, a black […]

Sassy Matchmaker

Khun Pra or Pra Rittirongronnayuth of a police division is a handsome man. He dedicated his life to suppress the Pra Nakorn riot which prevented him from enjoying his life nor getting married. His elder relatives get worried so they hire Yaytaem, the top go-between of Pra Kakorn with her niece Noree as an assistant. […]

Eternal Love

The Petranarumit mantra or mating mantra brings Khemiorn, a modern girl back in time to meet and fall in love with Khunluang Ratchamontree, a nobleman of Kokaew Rattanakosin. Though they are destined match, he find an obstacle from Maebua, Khunluang’s fiancée who remains loyal to her loved one and is ready to sacrifice her life. […]

Marvellous Love

A miracle brings Panruethai, a magical psychic who can travels across dimensions, to two gentlemen with supernatural power. One is Sua who keeps the secret of her birth and another is Prasingkam, who wins her heart. But the fight for the power and the mystery of the ancient black magic will bring them to danger […]

Nak: The Never Tell

The return of an immortal romantic legend to a brand new interpretation nobody has ever heard. What if the legendary tragedy of the familiar Nang Nak stems from her mother-in-law! A love story between a ghost and a man and another side of truth where a mother-in-law stands between her son’s love towards her daughter-in-law […]

When the Sky Falls

Sarika is the only heiress to the Lieutenant General Sarayuth. Her life turns upside down when Sarayuth dies during the fight with robbers when he returns to Thailand. When Sarika grows up to observe the going-on of Sarayuthpichai family. She bides her time to reveal the truth and take everything back. But it seems a […]

From Chao Phraya to Irrawaddy

Nutchanart started a new job at a colossal hotel in the center of Rangoon, Myanmar. She has a tumor in her brain and occasionally gets fainted. One day, she discovers an old book of Inao in Burmese language in a shop. When she tries to dance along the illustrated manual in the book, she finds […]

To Sir, With Love

The Five Dragon Association, under the lead of tycoon Song, the big brother who enjoys running the business and controlling the members. But he becomes weak at home as he has 3 wives. His first wife, Li, has an eldest son Tian. And Jan, his second wife, has a son named Yang. And Bua, his […]

Outlaw Justice

A story about Paen, a handicapped man who has a miraculous life. Sua Prai, a revered good thief helps healing Paen’s physical diability and turns him into a strong man. Paen then disguises as a minion of a local mafia to track down the lost land title deed. He also hunts for Praedaeng thief who […]

Until We Meet Again

The circle of Karma from the past life and a mysterious soul at an ancient city fort make Daentam, a modern world guy, meet Khemhom, a girl who always has strange dreams since she was very young. She wants to resolve the mystery in the dreams. While he wants to track down his long-lost father. […]

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