Siam Yuth: The Dawn of the Kingdom

Affter the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767, Sin, a brave warrior, leads his men to Prajeenburi, helping people suffering from war along the way, as the Burmese soldiers spread their attack down to rural villages. At the same time, wandering musician Tup witnesses the cruelty of Khun Ram, a warrior who only sets his eyes […]


When King Phetracha is crowned the King of Ayutthaya, his adopted son Prince Suae has already been investigating a case where someone uses his name to take advantages from people. He disguises himself as Duea and gets to know Sin along the way. The Prince and Sin fights over beautiful Nual and ends up being […]

Krua Toh

Somdej Phra Buddhacharn Toh Promarangsi is one of the most revered monks in Rattanakosin era (today’s era, starting in 1782 when Bangkok was established the capital of Siam). This film tells his story in three parts; his childhood, his novice, and his days in monkhood.

The Black Coffin

The legend says that “The Iron Coffin Killer” is the name given to Boonpeng, the most gruesome serial killer in King Rama VI period. He used to be a monk, residing in a temple in Nonthaburi. But Boonpeng is taking advantage of the charm he has, as he uses his skill to lure in his […]

F. Hilaire

Francois Touvenet Hilaire was a French Catholic priest who traveled to Thailand in the 1900s. Believing that God led him to a faraway land of different languages and cultures, he began to merge his knowledge of the world he left with the new one, mastering Thai and writing an important textbook on Thai language learning […]

The Black Death

In 1565, the war between Ayothaya and Hongsa leaves a devastating number of soldiers and villagers dead. But a particular cause of death never mentioned in history is “Pee Ha”. At first, people fall ill and die from cholera. Then a corpse is found severely bitten, and while people are looking at it suspiciously, it […]

Om! Crush on Me

Ryu, a man of ambiguous origin, was raised by a Buddhist abbot who taught him the sacred magic to protect himself. When Ryu decides to leave to search for his mother and his darling Osaisroy, the abbot asks Tong to accompany Ryu. During the journey, they unwittingly help a duo Asim and Jinlong who escaped […]

Thong Ek: The Herbal Master

Thong-ek, a modern pharmacist who lived in the reign of King Rama V. He had to contest the black magic and superstitious believes of the folks in Thachalong village to help them retain good health and hygiene. Thong-ek was in love with Chaba, a girl who got obsessed with martial arts. He had Kla, a […]

The Edge Of Daybreak

Bangkok 2006, amid brewing political tension, a family, led by politician Parl, shares one final night together at the safe house before a coup d’etat forces him into exile. Later that night, while on the run, Parl crosses paths with a group of illegal immigrants near the Thai-Cambodia border. His wife, Ploy, wakes up from […]

Rak Na Korab

Yod is a servant in a Thai-style villa of Luangthep Sriyos, a sharp-tongued ex-warrior. Yod is not only attractive but also very smart. He uses his wits to help many folks in the villa. One thing Yod cannot solve is his own romantic problem when he falls in love with Pikul, the only daughter of Luangthep. Pikul is […]

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