La Pluie

Saengtai has a hearing loss since his birth. He never believes in soulmate, so he has never responded to his soulmate for 2 years since he heard the sound from the other side, Pass. One day they meet and fall in love. Things seem to go well until Lomfon, their peer, come in between them […]

Bed Friend

King is a charming officer worker. He never has a boyfriend, only bed buddies. Ua is a beautiful boy and an introvert. They work at the same office and though they have known each other for so long as they are both Jate’s friends, they don’t get along so well. King is too troublesome to […]

Step By Step

Jeng is a new manager in the office. But his perfectionism makes everyone there hates him, especially Pat who has enough of his misplaced job position. Jeng and Pat have many problems between them until Pat gets burnt-out. But their closeness finally leads to a big change. When they both learn about each other’s weakness. […]

My Lucky Star

Ratti is a top jewelry designer, who loves speed car racing. He accidentally meets Chomjan, a scammer who sells fake jewelries to big clients, claiming that they were designed by Ratti. Chomjan doesn’t realize that the danger is coming around her and fate is playing a trick on her. They both have to solve the […]

Sassy Matchmaker

Khun Pra or Pra Rittirongronnayuth of a police division is a handsome man. He dedicated his life to suppress the Pra Nakorn riot which prevented him from enjoying his life nor getting married. His elder relatives get worried so they hire Yaytaem, the top go-between of Pra Kakorn with her niece Noree as an assistant. […]

Unhating You

Rossana has to try every possible means to find money to pay for her sick mother’s hospital bill. Fate strikes and she is laid-off from her job. But as she has to save her mother, Rossana disguises as a bogus daughter of a millionaire so she has a share in the inheritance. But when Rossana […]

Love Hurts

Venigar is a girl who gets rich soon in her life and is usually called a young millionaire. Bantao is her best friend always on her side. But fate brings Venigar to Teerakit, a savvy business man, who supports Venigar’s business. Dangwad is Teerakit’s remote relative who always gives advice. Teerakit is the one who […]

The Stone of Affection

A love story across temporal worlds of two sisters from different mothers, Mukda and Pailin. When fate brings them to Pruek, a perfect man. Both families want to unite by wedlock, but when one is chosen while one is forgotten, a vengeance then rages high. This turns into such a tragedy, unresolvable tragedy. So she […]

Phuyai Sah Kub Yajai

Sah, an engineer, is always deemed by other a hapless since his birth. He decides to apply for the Mai Siab Kai village headman position and has to fight against the son of the local mafia. Luck is on his side and he wins voiding the libel Yajai, a local nurse, had towards him since […]

Eternal Love

The Petranarumit mantra or mating mantra brings Khemiorn, a modern girl back in time to meet and fall in love with Khunluang Ratchamontree, a nobleman of Kokaew Rattanakosin. Though they are destined match, he find an obstacle from Maebua, Khunluang’s fiancée who remains loyal to her loved one and is ready to sacrifice her life. […]

My Beloved Lady

When her life is in danger, Lalin, an upper-class girl who just escaped a malice, has to lie that she turned amnesiac and disguise as a girlfriend of Pey, a farm owner from Isan region. This is to find sanctuary and to search for the lost key of the safety box of her mother. Things […]

Noose of Nakee

Tawadee is a Nakee who falls in love with Prathong. But their love is impossible when Prathong learns that Tawadee is not a human. Prathong flees to Prang-usa, a woman he loves. But they both have to sacrifice their lives. Tawadee is captivated in Pharoon and is punished to death with a jewelry on Nakee’s […]

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