My Boss Calls Me My Love

Porphai is a young girl from upcountry who is skilled at making chicken stir-fried with basil, but suddenly, she is turned into a fictitious housewife for Anawat’s household. The handsome young man, Anawat, wonders about Porphai’s origin since she was not originally destined to meet him. Necessity leads both of them to be closer together, […]


Komkrit, a thieve with an alias ‘Skyraider’ receives a mission to rob the million-dollar diamond. He has to disguise himself in a traditional Likay troupe. He is getting closer with Phueng, a bodyguard, and starts to fall for her. Meanwhile, he has to escape a transnational mafia gang who is hunting for precious diamonds. This […]

Rang Rak Prang Jai

The lost memories make Ket-usa become the prime suspect of the murder of her late husband. She tries to search for the true killer by recalling her memories with the support from Tian, her brother-in-law. The closeness blossoms into romance but they have to suppress their feelings. The more they search for the killers the […]

Prik Kub Gula

Ding, a headstrong handyman, comes to work for a family of Jeed, a spoiled girl who never surrenders. The pair always cause the messy chaos while each of them also has to deal with the wrongdoings of the close ones. Will the opposites of Ding and Jeed finally attract?

Thida Wanorn

Thida, the leader of a minority tribe clan, left her home village and has to live in the jungle with her mother monkey. When she grows up, she meets a man who loves nature and offers to help her find her true parents. The problem is they have to run and escape the local mafia […]

Koh Rak Gon Huajai

Aiyakupt, a rascal playboy meets an extrovert Fakfa, a resort owner who has to protect her nephew from her father’s side to gain the child raising right. While he was sent to Mooklom island for a estate business deal and has to disguise as Fakfa’s false husband. Will this theatrical play turn into a true […]

Mae Bia

Destiny brings Chanachol and Mekhala together leading them to complicate affairs that they can never escape. The problem is Chanachol is married and he has Maikaew as a beautiful wife and a kid. The king cobra haunted by the master spirit comes to protect Mekhala and stays to watch her. The superstitions, mysterious serpent and […]

Tantawan Si Plerng

When Tantawan, an owner of a vineyard and a resort, has to fight with her neighbors who want claim her land. Wirut, a young businessman, admires Tantawan’s integrity and offers to help her against the greed ones. The relationship between Tantawan and Wirut blossoms amidst the business conflicts with others around them.

Pandemic Love: Pretties Kitties

Jane, Bow and Noon, pretty escort girls earn big money and live a luxurious life. They fall from grace when the COVID-19 pandemic strikes and have to sell products online to fend for their lives. Hank, a handsome man offers Noon and her friends supports and also shows them basic hygiene to survive in this […]

Market of Love

Yiam, a grilled pork vendor is always at odds with Honthanooroong, the market owner’s daughter, who has to become a seller against her will so that she can later study abroad. She never realized the daily troubles and the huge debts the market vendors had to face. Honthanoonroong determines to help these folks while her […]

Flower Of Death

It all started from the murder mystery case of a sandal wood flower. Wanrak, a new police lieutenant colonel at Don Hin Gab police station has to collaborate with her old time chum Patapee, a playful forensic doctor and Treechai, another sweet-smiling cop who falls for her. The more they investigate, the riskier the mission […]

Lay Down and Fire

A battle between Ampol, a drug dealer, and Romran, a good cop who is supposed to handle the drug dealing case. The two men fall for Alice, an ex-policewoman and they know their trade too well. How would this game of crime and love end?

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