Yes or no 2.5 – Love You, Baby

Wine, a photographer, and Pi, a chef, are best friends and roommates. Both are girls who act like boys, especially in a love relationship. Their lives suddenly change when Pim and Fah move in next door. It turns out that Wine used to have a crush on Pim way back when they were in the […]

There’s Something about Tott

Tott is handsome and good with words, a kind of guy many girls dream of. Nobody knows that what a girl did to him when he was young is the reason he becomes a girl pleaser without wanting to stick to anyone. His main mission, however, is trying to save money so that he can […]


A group of high school friends meet once again after their graduation for a friend’s wedding. The wedding is held at their school, thus making it more like a homecoming for them. This is when Pueng, the bride’s bestfriend, and Boy, the photographer, meet again. The atmosphere of the school they used to go, their […]

Single Lady

Bright, a beautiful marketing manager who is also a blogger in her free time, has everything a woman could want and thinks she could live peacefully without love. So when a fortune teller tells her that there is someone still suffering from falling in love with her and that will affect both her strong career […]

Red Wine in the Dark Night

One night, Wine meets a mysterious man who seems to suffer from amnesia and is about to die. When Wine fells and hurts himself, the man gets better by sucking blood from his wound. Wine lets him drink his blood and names him Night. Night enters Wine’s life as his lover Tee is breaking up […]

The Thesis

Three love stories that, being based on love and friendship, are all connected. “Love with Cigarette”: Tortan tries to satisfy his family by having kids but it’s not easy when JaJa asks him to quit smoking first. “The Thesis”: Film students are assigned to make a film as their graduation project, but due to different […]


Neya is the kind of girl who shields herself from every man she meets. So she is kind of angry with her friends inviting boys on their trip up north. Neya doesn’t like Mavin, who has his eyes on her believing she’s a virgin. Strange enough, she feels good about his friend Yim. When the […]

Postcard From Nowhere

Sailom loves photography and usually makes them into postcards. Every single one of his postcards are kept in a cookie box and written in beautiful words. Realizes that they never look perfect because there are no receivers, he decides to sell them in exchange of taking photographs of those who take them. One day, Kanda, […]

Love You 100K

Poor country boy Klao desperately wants to marry his sweetheart Thongkwau. But Thongkon, his father-in-law-to-be, will allow that to happen only when Klao brings him “Sib Muen” (100,000 baht) as the bride-price. Although Klao is too poor, he is well backed by a group of ready-to-fight friends led by Wan, a saucy voice actor who […]

Miss Happy

Pisuk is an overacting woman who goes by her slogan “I’m happy…really!” no matter the troubles she runs into. It takes only two smiles from her for pain to vanish. But then something bad happens to her 3 times; she got sacked from her work, her longtime crush dates someone else, and her heart is […]

May Who?

Pong, an 11th grade student, belongs to the lowest ranking type in his school. Everything about him is too ordinary. Even if there’s no one but him on a stand, most likely he would still be overlooked. Being unnoticeable is okay if Pong does not have a secret crush on Ming and Ming does not […]


Chanachon is a real estate tycoon who wants to buy an exotic Thai-style house on the bank of a river in Suphanburi. There, he becomes obsessed with the place and its owner, the beautiful and tempting Mekhla, both seem to be guarded by a giant snake. The obsession affects his married life and gets him […]

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