True Life of A Drama Queen

Khaewalai is a beautiful actress who always gets a villainess role. In real life, she is like an impoverished princess who has to take care of her mindless family members. She became the number one enemy of another famous actress who hates her. When Khaewalai meets Pawapap, a son of a show business tycoon, their relationship is put to the test […]

Hotel Stars

Every year, SP Paradise Hotel welcomes only ten trainees from top universities to learn the trade. The ten lucky ones for this year are Akara, Tone, Pong, Kin, Toey, Nook, Ying, K, Neung, and Valen. They have to work in groups to accomplish the tasks in the kitchen, the rooms, and the reception as well as to […]

Spellbinding Cuisine

At the resident of Luang Pichaitanee by the canal Ampawa in 1875, Choi found that her husband Luang Chollatanpruettikrai returned from Nakhon Si Thammarat with Thongsamlee, his new minor wife. Choi, the master of royal cuisine recipe felt intruded when Thongsamlee used her kitchen to cook the spicy southern Thai dish for Luang Chollatanpruettikrai. They […]

Dao Long Fah

Anyamanee or Namwan, a girl who was born with everything except happiness. She was raised in a broken family full of hatred especially towards her father Watcharin. Namwan was spoiled by her aunts making her a selfish woman. The more she grows, the prettier she is and her grandmother Prawas and Dom, the son of grandma’s Hong are only two persons who […]

Rak Thae Khong Nai Thuek

Tuek, an honest orphan from Nok Rong village found buffalo Rabuesak by chance. When Tuek removes the holy thread from Rabuesak, the animal suddenly believes that he is the owner. Rabuesak attack anyone trying to hurt Tuek. Only Nammon, the daughter of the village minister, knows that Rabuesak is not an ordinary buffalo. 

Bangkok Vampire

A series of mysterious disappearance cases go on, when a stoic girl named Rassarin moves to work at the same place with Nop. Nop learns that Rossarin is not human but a hunting vampire who is looking for her sister Ratirom. Nop unwittingly becomes an assistant for Rossarin. They both are being chased by lieutenant […]

My Secret Bride

Suam was supposed to watch out for police and alert her mother’s card gambling club but she failed and Danuruj, deputy director of police, manages to dissolve the club. Suam tricked the police until she escape the capture. She was later hired to spy on Danuruj by a secret organization as Danuruj may have some connection with the local mafia. 

Rong Tao Naree

Ticha, a shoe designer, is a confident modern girl who cherishes her virginity and never had a boyfriend. Ticha owns a house her mother bought for her in Bangkok and lives with three female friends: Warisa, a sassy PR and Ticha’s colleague, Namnao, a surgeon who once cured Ticha and became friends, and Ussana, an […]

The Husbands

Three pairs of husband and wife all with marital problems. The first couple, Thongpan and Kamluang argue and fight when the wife finds out that her husband cheated her. The second couple, Neera and her upper-class husband has to cope with the ambition of other wives who want to climb the social ladder. The third […]

The Blind Shot

There is a big change in the life of Trin, a young and budding golf player after he won the BEC Thailand Open Championship. Mitta, the pearl farm, golf court and properties owners from Phuket becomes the main sponsor for Trin. Trin has been looked after by professional therapists and nutritionists. He must win Eki, the current Hanoi Championship winner […]

The Magic Ring

Pimchat lives a lonesome life all along. Though she looks strong, she is hopeless with living on her own in this world. One day, she discovers a magic ring that transports her back in time. She becomes 18 again and tries to fix all the mistakes in the past. But changing the past leads to […]

The Darkness

Sming is a half-man half-tiger creatures consists of two main breeds: the peaceful white Sming and the fierce black Sming. The leader of black Sming breed attacks the white Sming village and abducts the daughter of the white Sming’s leader. The legend told that those who consume the heart of a baby born under the […]

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