Cat Radio TV

A lively comedy of a small music station called Cat Radio. Jong is the producer as well as the head of the radio station. He is highly stylish and individualist. His team also has his own groove and personality such as Boom, a female producer, Gig, an accountant, War, a confident salesperson and Pleng, a […]

Pandemic Love: Nakrob Chut Kao

The age gap love during the COVID-19 pandemic. When Pai, a female doctor, dedicates all her energy to cure COVID-19 patients neglecting her own health condition, yet gains support from Chin, a young engineering student without any meaning in his life. Chin certainly contributes to the society as he provides strength and sanctuary for this fatigued sacrificing […]

Pandemic Love: Hidden Love

Who wants to get trapped in a 14-day COVID-19 quarantine in a locked-up dormitory room? Except Kim, a cute shiny boy from Business Management Department, who shares this small room with his new dark tall thin smart and handsome roommate Ta, an architect student. But Kim never realizes that this boys’ dorm was a scene of […]

Rak Na Korab

Yod is a servant in a Thai-style villa of Luangthep Sriyos, a sharp-tongued ex-warrior. Yod is not only attractive but also very smart. He uses his wits to help many folks in the villa. One thing Yod cannot solve is his own romantic problem when he falls in love with Pikul, the only daughter of Luangthep. Pikul is […]

Elite in Dong I Doi

Dash, a graduate from oversea and a son of a millionaire, miserably misbehaves so his father locks him up at Dong Idoi until he repents and the village leader signs to approve his remedy, otherwise Dash will be disinherited. Dash’s behavior record is in the hand of Pafai, a tomboy an SAO member and his Dash’s number one […]

Love Rescue

A money-hungry superstar is cursed by a holy being and becomes a member of emergency unit of the foundation. No one recognizes him as a superstar until he learns about true love and sacrifice. He needs to be adaptive to this new environment especially with a tomboy who always disagrees with him. The closer they […]

Money Honey

Stories from a market community of Jae Nam. Wit opens an organic vegetables stand in front of the pork butchery of Hia Tang. Wit meets Money, Hia Tang’s daughter. Money dislikes Wit from some trouble pasts in the university. But as she is a vegetarian, Wit’s vegetable stand becomes her favorite.

Rabertterdterng: Terdterngmuankughuglai

A story of Nernjaruay village folks from Northeast Thailand. Teng, a traditional music master past his prime, wanders to this village and meet a sound man nicknamed Sound Engineer and a local boy Diao who is in love with Dr Yam, a daughter of the village head like every other boy in the village. 

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