Onlawon Kon Kangban

A story between two neighboring houses. One live a couple Uncle Chai and Aunt Eed both pensioners. Another lives Khunpol, a university student where his young friends frequent. The generation gap causes these neighbors lot of troubles, but as they have to live together, they have to learn to understand each other anyway.

Pota Mue Prab Hian

A hilarious escapade of Saifa, a detective police after the death of his dreamgirl’s father. Saifa is the only one who can communicate with the dead. The murder mystery and superstitious romp entangle in this investigation to regain justice for his passing father-in-law to be.

Kongpuan Kuan Luea Chuea

Destiny makes Luachua, charming boy who is supposed to be the lead actor, take the role of the director in place of Peelam who just passed away but still concerns with his unfinished opus. Luachua fights with Kuendee, a producer who wants big profit to clear the debt of her family’s studio. Each one has […]

Market of Love

Yiam, a grilled pork vendor is always at odds with Honthanooroong, the market owner’s daughter, who has to become a seller against her will so that she can later study abroad. She never realized the daily troubles and the huge debts the market vendors had to face. Honthanoonroong determines to help these folks while her […]

Dark Blue Kiss

The relationship between Pete and Kao is disturbed when Nont asks Kao to be his tutor. Nont comes in between these two boys in love, makes them misunderstand each other while friends and family start to doubt that Pete and Kao may be more than just friends.

BFF Story 2020

Three BFFs live in the same condominium building and face life and love together. Tum, a playboy photographer who doesn’t believe in true love because his girlfriend left him with a luxury condominium to pay off alone. Oil, Tum’s friend, offers to help him find a roommate to share the rent. Turns out the new roommate is Cheetah […]

Pentor 2020

A sitcom portraying the life of singles in modern society who are looking for love or just to have fun. The story evolves around the busy and chaotic work & love life of Pentor and his family and friends. He wants to have an easy normal life like the others. However, he’s not always got what he […]

3 Brothers: Life After Marriage 2020

The story of 3 ‘Benjaworakarn’ brothers; Ake, Tod, and P in another 20 years later. A new chapter of life happened after their marriage, and even more chaotic when they lived together again to raise their own new generation! What would the situation be like when 6 men stayed in the same house?

Three Gentlemen and A Little Sister 2020

Three single brothers of diverse personalities. Earth, the eldest and the neatest guy, is ready to have a family but he is too choosy. Win, a dandy boy, never has a serious relationship with anyone. Sun, the youngest, is still an impish teenager. He learns that their father who left them when he was very young […]

Haunted Heritage House

A haunting love story in a haunted house to let. Chomdao, a confident yet faint-hearted girl quarrels with her mother and moving in with friend. She is shocked by the news of her mother’s death from a plane crash. She is afraid that her mother will come back to ask her to take care of […]

Accidentally In Love

Coincidence helps Bangern, a former manager now out of job, earns a new responsibility to take care of a market in place of the now vegetative owner. Bangern has to tackle sundry problems of the vendors. He quarrels with Chompoo, the fruit vendor but ends up fall for her.

The Ghost Spy

Tubtim, a good thief, is doomed of having a special power to let the wandering spirits possess her body and ask for help. She is accused of stealing by a young cop. She gets out of this accusation by offering to help him spying. The love story between the cop and the thief mingle with […]

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