Natedao, a business woman who owns a luxury spa has an 18-year-old daughter named Prim who joined a reality-TV program THE CHAMP and won the top vote. But a brief live-broadcast of Natedao on television changes her life forever when the past that Natedao wants to bury comes back to haunt her. After her fleeting […]


“You were granted a prize.”   A Guardian told me that I was sent to live again in the body of a high school teenager named Min who was lying dead in the morgue in this hospital. In fact, living in a new body is no different to living in a homestay. It’s temporary and not […]

Playboy (And The Gang of Cherry)

At a new constructing site in town. There is a gay mafia, a drug dealer, who uses its sex business to deceive people. This gangster, known as ‘The Gang of Cherry, whose one of the most notorious members is Mac, a gay male prostitute, who is addicted to sadomasochism sex. Mac, who is known as […]


Driver is a story of Kade searching for her husband, Tae, who disappears after a trip to Korea. Kade asks her police friend, Tum, who believes that Tae takes a longer trip without telling her so he advises her to wait for a few more days. Kade can’t wait any longer so she asks Mac, […]

Bad Genius

Welcome to an exam-cheating business run by Lynn, a straight-A student who gets the idea for her business after helping Grace and Pat. Grace is a prominent school activist who can’t get the grades she needs and Pat is a filthy-rich boy who believes money can buy anything. Lynn’s business skyrockets and the money starts […]

Motel Mist

In just a few hours, at an unusual love motel on the outskirts of Bangkok called Motel Mistress, four (human) lives intertwine and change forever. Sopol, a typical Thai father-like figure with kinky and dangerous sexual fetishes, brings his new young prey, a school girl named Laila, to room number 7, his custom-made erotic chamber. […]

Silence of the Dusk

Set in a zombie apocalypse, when humans are in a verge of extinction, Tom and Tim, the twins who survived, set out their journey back home in England. However, this is not going to be a smooth path for them. With horrifying zombies, ferocious cannibals, and deadly turns surrounding them, Tom and Tim have to […]


Ple is an ordinary high school student who loves spending quality time with her best friend, Care, who is popular for being cute. Together, they create a Facebook page for Care to share her personal photos and videos to garner ‘Likes’ from the public, with the hopes of eventually becoming a popular internet idol. Grace, […]


Ror is a young black market seller who fascinates with antique and second hand stuff. He believes that old stuff which is called “Deadstock” is precious, has its own value and can make money. However, everything has to wait for its time to make money. So, Ror delicate all his time to deadstock that he […]

Tiger & Wolf

Guy is a loser who always got bullied by his friends. He has one little secret; he has a crush on Nana, the pretty girl who is also the ideal type of Trai, the college gangster. When Trai knows about Guy’s feeling for Nana, he reveals that he is actually a “werewolf” and attacks Guy […]


Music composer Nueng and his wife Dao live a simple life. They use their own saving to buy their house and car, with some investment into a bar business which does not turn out well for them. One day, Nueng involves in a car accident as he accidentally hits the daughter of a close neighbor […]

The Cop

 When the daughter of a member of the cabinet was murdered, the Police Chief assigned the task of getting the killer to Wasun, a police inspector. He is very good in catching bad guys, but does not always work under the rules of law to get the result. He is partnered with a young policewoman […]

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