Red Wine in the Dark Night

One night, Wine meets a mysterious man who seems to suffer from amnesia and is about to die. When Wine fells and hurts himself, the man gets better by sucking blood from his wound. Wine lets him drink his blood and names him Night. Night enters Wine’s life as his lover Tee is breaking up […]

Dark World

The third world war ends with the great collapse of the economic system. People live without rule, the rich become the god, the poor become slaves. Only the strong ones survive. Ran, Feer and Irene, when they were young, were forced to play a game called ‘Monsonpa’. The only rule is the one who loses […]

3 Will Be Free

Neo is a stripper who is running away from the loan shark Thana and his gang, after having an affair with Thana’s wife Vanika. One day, the criminals find him in the bar where he works. In attempting to escape, he ends up bumping into Shin, a gay boy, the son of Thana, who is […]

Gift for the One You Hate

Chat, a police officer investigates a murder case of a school teacher. The mysterious clue is the strange ‘logo’ appears on things at the scene of the crime. It is the same logo he once found on a pistol in his father’s case. Chat believes that the teacher was murdered the same his father was. He traced the […]

Sleepless Society: Nyctophobia

Following the death of her child, a grief-stricken mother struggles to find peace in her life again. She can no longer sleep in the dark as she would dream of the deceased son. One day a mysterious boy appears before her. He claims that he is the reincarnated son of her.

Sleepless Society: Insomnia

Aya is a young female model that has always had a recurring dream: She always dreams of seeing her mother kill someone in a house, which is located on the island she used to live in when she was a child. These dreams cause insomnia, eventually leading up to chronic insomnia to the point that […]


Ekanant school is a school of the best in several fields: academic, sports and also secrets. Traffic came to this school not to discover his talent like other kids. He came to look for Fah, his sister who disappeared several months ago. The police and school authorities found not clues. Fah’s disappearance would remain the […]

Trace of Revenge

The dubious death case of tycoon Paisal, brought his offspring back together including Anasaya who is about to join the family. The first case remains unsolved when another murder case shortly follows and Ansaya and Pham, the tycoon’s brother become suspects. The love blossoms again amidst the danger and the unexpected true murderer.

Diamond Eyes 2

Captain Petch was killed by a gang of global mafia The Sun, leaving the officers of Diamond Eye Institute (D.E.I.) clueless as they cannot find the secret file captain Petch had hidden. Police Colonel Daniel Sato steps in to direct the institute. Daniel has special eyes that help him see the spirits as well as […]


Three years ago, a maniac killer killed Pimdao, a wife of police detective Aran. Before the last breath, Pimdao called an emergency number. Irene was the one who received Pimdao’s call and she heard everything. Irene believed that her patrol police father was killed by the same killer. That makes Aran and Irene keep working […]


The story from the past of a cop who chased up a serial killer in a tunnel. He was attacked and then passed out. When he gained conscious again he realized that his new present world is 30-year later. The remaining evidence is a blood-stained stone and a whistle his wife once gave him.

Who are You

Mind, a poor orphan girl, was always bullied at school. She decided to commit suicide but survived miraculously. Mind regained consciousness but lost all her memory. She found that she became a new girl named Meen, who looks identical to her like twins. Meen has a totally different life and through being Meen, Mind meets […]

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