Not Me

Black and White are twins separated for 15 years after their parents broke up. When White returns to Thailand he finds that Black has become a dormant after suffering from a severe attack. White takes Black’s identity to find the criminal. He joins the gang of close friends: Jean, Gram and Yok. He believes that […]

The Player

A cruel game of upper-class boys and girls who play for their own desires, be it fame, wealth or love. This leads to the death of one of the players in a mystery murder case connecting Tim, a playboy, Kiwi, a hi-class girl, Eve, a perfectly chic designer, Miriam, Eve’s ambitious assistant, Pich, a son […]

The Comments

Papaeng is the best student as well as the student president of her school. This seemingly perfect girl commits suicide during a social media live the same way Gina, her trans idol who had been cyberbullied and decided to end her life during a broadcast. Khan, Papaeng’s brother, investigates the case with the help from […]

Bangkok Zero

In the morning of 5th September, there have been random explosions across Bangkok, leaving people around the capital city with panic and fear and starting to question if the mysterious hashtag #5SepCityBomb, which was mushrooming through social media earlier, has anything related to the explosions. The official statement has been announced that the people behind […]


Talay, a young sergeant who has a stigma from her childhood, becomes in charge of a murder case of Tanpol, a well-off young psychologist who is suspected of killing his wife, Piangchan. As she went deeper into this case, she found many irregularities including secrets and love relations as well as threats from the anonymous […]

Rang Rak Prang Jai

The lost memories make Ket-usa become the prime suspect of the murder of her late husband. She tries to search for the true killer by recalling her memories with the support from Tian, her brother-in-law. The closeness blossoms into romance but they have to suppress their feelings. The more they search for the killers the […]

Mae Bia

Destiny brings Chanachol and Mekhala together leading them to complicate affairs that they can never escape. The problem is Chanachol is married and he has Maikaew as a beautiful wife and a kid. The king cobra haunted by the master spirit comes to protect Mekhala and stays to watch her. The superstitions, mysterious serpent and […]

Flower Of Death

It all started from the murder mystery case of a sandal wood flower. Wanrak, a new police lieutenant colonel at Don Hin Gab police station has to collaborate with her old time chum Patapee, a playful forensic doctor and Treechai, another sweet-smiling cop who falls for her. The more they investigate, the riskier the mission […]

The Pool

Day, an insecure art director of a commercial production company is left alone to clear up a 6-meter deep deserted pool after the shooting. He falls asleep on an inflatable raft due to an unbearable fatigue. When he wakes up again the water level has sunk so low that he cannot climb out of the […]

Sad Beauty

The story of Yo and Pim who have been friends since they were young. Yo at the present is a famous model. She is so beautiful but there’s nothing behind that beauty. She lives a life day by day with no substance unless paying moneys for entertaining. Luckily, she has a lovely friend who wishes […]

Samui Song

Viyada, a Thai soap opera actress in her 30s, is married to Jerome, a rich foreign national. Though their marriage started out happily, Jerome has lately become increasingly controlling as he gets more involved with Buddhakaya, an alternative religious sect founded by a powerful figure named the Holy One, whom Jerome reveres. However, Viyada is […]

Someone from Nowhere

At the break of dawn, a twenty-something woman named Napatsorn wakes up in room no. 22 of a luxurious condominium. She enjoys her morning routines. Her best friend is expected to come over to spend the night. Everything seems to be going well as Napatsorn gets ready to leave for work. As soon as she […]

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