The Stone of Affection

A love story across temporal worlds of two sisters from different mothers, Mukda and Pailin. When fate brings them to Pruek, a perfect man. Both families want to unite by wedlock, but when one is chosen while one is forgotten, a vengeance then rages high. This turns into such a tragedy, unresolvable tragedy. So she […]

Investigation of Love

Pat is a single-mon lawyer. She accidentally meets Wasu, a young-blood politician. Their first encounter is not that smooth. Fate strikes when they keep meeting each other again and again and have to work together. The investigation of a case involving a powerful man leads them to a new blossoming relationship.

The Eclipse

All this happens in the area of Supoplo school, the top boys’ school in Thailand with very strict rules. The curse and omen that keeps punishing the rawdy students. It would get even worse during the eclipse!

P.S. I Hate You

Pantiwa was exposed by a sex tape in on the wedding day with Purinat. She committed suicide. Meena tries to find the one who released this clip in place of the wedding presentation. However, Meena’s investigation becomes a digging into her past story with ex-boyfriend Pitch as well as her friend’s secret. A story of […]

Bad Beauty

A happy family, Wanpichit-the father, Ajaree-the mother and a daughter, Kongkwan. The parents are both doctors that have seeked a good au-pair for so long. Finally, they meet Fah, a beautiful au-pair. Everyone in the family is then happy including Kongkwan. Things change when Wanpichit has an affair with Fah. The air of the family […]

Revenge from the Past

Phing was abused by Fei, her beloved one and a woman she wholeheartedly trusted, Nisa. But under this misfortune, there is also a good news. When Cho, her long-time friend is ready to always be by her side. From the pain that ruined her life and the revenge burning in the heart, she uses the […]

Devided Heart

The hurtful past makes Sasin hate his father so much and faud with his twin brother Tawanchai as they fall in the with the same girl, Nalin. When Tawanchai is killed in a serial murder, Sasin quits his pride and applies for a position in an investigation bureau to hunt down the killer making his […]

Lady Behind the Mask

At the haunted Nangkoy mansion, Papawee has to return to work as a nurse for a maniac patient with a pink mask to repay her mother’s debts. She is suddenly drawn to the circle of secrets and dangers. But fortunately she has Sakkatat, the family lawyer who loves her by her side. The more they […]

Until We Meet Again

The circle of Karma from the past life and a mysterious soul at an ancient city fort make Daentam, a modern world guy, meet Khemhom, a girl who always has strange dreams since she was very young. She wants to resolve the mystery in the dreams. While he wants to track down his long-lost father. […]

Faces of Anne

When all the girls named Anne wakes up with fuzzy memories which the doctors and nurses keep injecting and saying it is mental symptoms that they think to themselves, along with hypnosis to make them remember who they are. Not too long ago in this mental ward, every time Anne opens her eyes, every time […]

The One Hundred

Fame and Phil, two popular sibling YouTubers, check in to Srichanphen Hotel for a state-mandated 14-day quarantine during the height of the pandemic. Also in Fame’s and Phil’s group are Leo, a quiet young man who arrives his sister Lena and their father, and Steve, an ill-tempered American. In the hotel, they encounter strange events. […]

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