Khun Phaen Begins

         Kaew, a vagabond who mysteriously lost his childhood memories, travels to Ayutthaya with his friend Petch. They meet Chang and Pim, their old time friends. Their reminisce of the past makes Kaew recall that his father was a rebel and was executed from his crime.          Kaew has a fight with a local hooligan […]

The Exchange

           Joe and May are a loving couple. Because Joe has a brain tumor and needs 1 million baht for the operation, they decide to rob a money exchange store. Unluckily, the couple with 10 unfortunate patrons of the money exchange center are held hostages by 3 professional robbers on the same day. It is […]

Bad 2018

Based on real lives of tattooed hooligans who have been accused as criminals by the society. Lay and Kob Yaowarat grew up together. When they become teenagers, their curiosity and love of challenges bring them along the path of hooligans under the wing of Papa Neung, a localmafia. But after Papa Neung is murdered by […]

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