Khun Phaen Begins

         Kaew, a vagabond who mysteriously lost his childhood memories, travels to Ayutthaya with his friend Petch. They meet Chang and Pim, their old time friends. Their reminisce of the past makes Kaew recall that his father was a rebel and was executed from his crime.          Kaew has a fight with a local hooligan […]

Journey to Aunt’s House

        Kaew flees from home when she falls in love with her own’s sister, Ging’s boyfriend. After several years, Kaew wants to return home and reconcile the bitter relationship with her sister. She cooks a curry custard and hinds her message inside, then asks her sons Lamplern and Teh to bring the dish to their […]

Jee 2

           When the Thai film industry hits a new low, finding film funding is such an immense challenge. A team of filmmakers under the name ‘Pad production’ tries an unorthodox way to secure funding by collecting fees from acting school students in exchange of a part in the film. This crazy film project leads to […]

It Could be Him

          Pipuan, a nurse who recently broke up with her boyfriend is now single and ready to mingle. She is now being approached by two guys. One is Singho, an engineer who fell in love with Pipuan at first sight another is Jilhor, the young and adorable owner of a family restaurant. The situation gets […]

Indie Look Isan

        A collection of Isan people live stories, despite the drought and famine, their world is still joyously colorful. A young man M went to find a job in Bangkok but has to return home immediately after the call from his sister about their mother’s sudden illness. A western guy came all the way to […]

Hugby Baanbak

            A group of rural schoolboys from a remote village of Ubonratchathanee have to learn to play a new sport called Rugby from a hockey coach. Both the coach and sportskids have to learn the art of this new game at the same time. Despite lack of funding, they manage to enter the national competition, […]


           After his girlfriend passed away, Chai closes himself off from others and remains in his comfort zone. One day, he comes across a rubik’s cube with a message that has been left behind by his girlfriend, asking him to solve it. Determine to uncover the meaning behind the rubik’s cube, Chai travels to Chiang […]

Happy Old Year

               Jean wants to convert her house into a home office and needs to majorly declutter and reorganise the entire house. Anything that has been lying around unused, she just simply throws away. However, Jean faces a great challenge when she comes across some items that belonged to Aim, her ex-boyfriend. Although she has no […]

Happy New Year Happy New You

           Sanan, Saeb and Singha, a gang of air-conditioner repair-men love to join all sort of social ceremonies: new house, ordination, wedding or funeral. They pay not by cash, but by entertaining the guests for free. When Sanan’s little sister Chaba is in love with a cute guy named Tee, Tee decides to leave the […]

Friend Zone

        Palm has been stuck in ‘Friend Zone’: borderlining relationship between ‘friend’ and ‘lover’, with his best female friend, Gink for 10 years. During high school, he tried to cross the line by confessing his feelings for her. But Gink simply rejected him, saying that “being friends is good enough.”        Since then, Palm and Gink […]

Boxing Songkran

      A story that takes place in the “S. Valentines” boxing gym. When their number one boxer lost his crown in a final round, the leader named Valentines was quick to accept the dare for the next round of fight. However, Valentines still has no idea who would be the potential boxer from his team. Songkran, […]

Bilkeman 2

         Sakda has high expectations on his beloved daughter, Jai. He concerns Jai’a both professional and romantic lives. To calm her father down, Jai lies to him that she has a super-nice boyfriend called Sakkarin, a presumed bank-officer while in fact he works as a bikeman. Sakda then invites Sakkarin and his family to make […]

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