The omens from the curses lead to three vengeful tragedies.          Wicked: Pastor Joseph is investigating a murder case of another pastor with a clue from a gramophone of Thai traditional dance in the night of the curse moment where half of the villagers fall dead.          Tattoo: Freddy, a tattoo artist, never gets […]

The Bush/ Laplae

         2 short films merge into 1 feature          In The Bush you will find lovers going deep in the woods for their pre-wedding videoshoot, along with 5 crews members. An unknown destiny awaits them, when rain pour and they’re all went to hide inside an abandoned hut in the middle of the forest…          In […]

Bad 2018

Based on real lives of tattooed hooligans who have been accused as criminals by the society. Lay and Kob Yaowarat grew up together. When they become teenagers, their curiosity and love of challenges bring them along the path of hooligans under the wing of Papa Neung, a localmafia. But after Papa Neung is murdered by […]

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