Under the Mask

About 50 years ago, there was a man with high talent in performing traditional music and dance, who fell in love with a girl from his village. It did seem like she had some feelings for him as well, even though she already had a husband. They managed to sleep with each other. When the […]


The oddest detective partners hands down: An introvert high school girl who can smell ghost and the ghost of a young male student. The girl calls him her “senior”. No one has ever seen him before, but they’re now teaming up together to solve a murder case from 50 years ago: A lady was murdered […]

Keep Running! Sir Yes Sir!

Ror Dor is Thai language shorter abbreviation for Reserve Officer Training Cops Student (ROTCS). During the period of field training at Khao Chonkai, there are rival groups of 3rd year students: “Grean Gang” and “Gao Gang”. Both gangs always cause troubles and receive punishment all the time. But more disturbing than their dispute is something […]


Neya is the kind of girl who shields herself from every man she meets. So she is kind of angry with her friends inviting boys on their trip up north. Neya doesn’t like Mavin, who has his eyes on her believing she’s a virgin. Strange enough, she feels good about his friend Yim. When the […]

Oh My Ghost 5

The chaos starts with the reunion of everyone’s favorites: Taew, Moddam, and the one and only sexy ghost Pancake. This time they’re back teaching at their former school. Taew finds some disturbing past may be relevant to the resurrection of ghost Son-glin, who has been communicating with a handsome student who happens to be able […]

Make Me Shudder 3

Finally graduate, the class of 6/5 plan to have a trip to Phuket. They hit the storm along the way so they have to find shelter in a deserted hotel. They fall asleep while waiting for the rain to stop. Nick, the gang leader, dreams about Tsunami. He wakes the gang up with his ranting […]

The Black Coffin

The legend says that “The Iron Coffin Killer” is the name given to Boonpeng, the most gruesome serial killer in King Rama VI period. He used to be a monk, residing in a temple in Nonthaburi. But Boonpeng is taking advantage of the charm he has, as he uses his skill to lure in his […]

Ghost Ship

Kala, Yola, and Solui are 3 Mon cabin crew of a large fishing boat. One night, when the boat is traveling through the dark sea, they find a woman’s body. Not only that woman is the young wife of a tough guy at the port, she is also the lover of Nick, their boss’s son. […]

Bong Srolanh Oun

Dol, a graphic designer, rents the same apartment he used to live with his girlfriend when he gets back from studying abroad. A quiet and serious man at work, Dol never thinks of finding new love: he still hopes he can get his girlfriend back. However, he starts to think something is really off after […]

The Black Death

In 1565, the war between Ayothaya and Hongsa leaves a devastating number of soldiers and villagers dead. But a particular cause of death never mentioned in history is “Pee Ha”. At first, people fall ill and die from cholera. Then a corpse is found severely bitten, and while people are looking at it suspiciously, it […]


Sun is a 19-year-old boy who is forced to ordain without his consent. His father believes being in monkhood will fix his reckless behaviors. However, Sun’s lack of faith doesn’t help. As a novice monk, he continues to live his life the way he used to do in the outside world, including dating Fai, the […]

Oh My Ghost! The Fierce Escape from Covid-19

When the hotel run by Jae Taew is found to have a COVID-19 case, it is shut down and everyone there must remain in quarantine for 14 days. The messy and spooky happenings wages on, even the zombies rise to chase people. Pancake, a wandering spirit who escapes her reborn, along with the duo Preaw […]

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