The Lost Case

Itt and Por are newbies in a production company that produces a popular television show called Ghost Doctor TV. In each episode, people who believe that they are possessed will contact the production team for help. A shaman, Master Pla will then attempt to help them through exorcism. To pass the probation, Itt and Por […]


Having been murdered brutally, vengeful spirit of Premika, a young karaoke-bar girl, has been haunting the karaoke machine as her organs were abandoned around the remote woods – latterly renovated as the luxurious hotel. After the first group of hotel guests arrive, Premika is awakened. With her haunting karaoke machine, she is back to slaughter […]

The Promise

In 1997 the Tom Yum Goong financial crisis, was a disastrous event that crept over Asia and left millionaires bankrupt overnight. A bright future which two best friends, Boum and Ib, pictured together fell apart when they found out that their families were going bankrupt. All of their assets were seized to satisfy their debts. […]


It begins with a violent midday bank robbery as Bobby Prospero and his drug addict girlfriend Jewel, escape the chaos with a duffle bag full of cash and two teenage girls, Winny and Earn, who happen to be in the bank at the same time and are taken hostage. Also along is Chaow, a reluctant out Cast who […]

School Tales

Members of the school’s marching band are having their final rehearsal. They have to spend the night at the school, and a gang of mischievous students get together to tell ghost stories passed down through generations – the horrifying ‘legends’ of their schools. The first is The Giant: a deformed, outsized student who was bullied […]


A young student, Sense, returned home in the countryside during his summer vacation after not returning long enough to meet Dear, a high school friend and someone he liked a long time, and Bom‘s girlfriend. This coming back made him realize that Bom has been gone from home for 2 years without anyone knowing where […]

Siam Square

When two best friends May and Jublek are hanging around at the tutoring school in Siam Square, all lights go off. It’s not just the building – it’s a blackout in the entire Siam Square, Bangkok’s most famous nerve center of young people. When the lights come back on, the two friends are reminded of […]

Zombie Fighters

Audi and his gang head to the quarantined hospital where his parents went and never came back to them. He really likes to know what happens there and why the hospital was abandoned. After sneaking in there, he and his gang found out the terrible of something in the hospital and trapped. Lambo, Audi’s brother, […]

Black Full Moon

The story originated from TV program “Bro.Mee, Ghost’s Friend”. The program presented the field part of one ghost story of Mee that took place at the scout camp which is haunted scout camp. TV production team composes of young teenagers whom always dare and encourage haunted scout camp. While they’re shooting their program in haunted […]

The Attic

Pat, a mother of two, has to move back to Thailand after she lost her beloved husband. She just moved into a big mansion in a big city. After a few weeks, she encounters strange happenings in the attic where a dark and eerie secret is kept. This haunts both Pat and her children when […]

Take Me Home

After losing a memory from an accident, Tan tried to find his identity because he could not remember anything except his name. He doubted himself who he was and where his family is. Eventually, he found something that led him back to his home sweet home. There, he met Tubtim his twin sister who is […]

Midnight University

Star, a celebrity student of this university, has failed her English exam and may cause her a trouble if she won’t finish a degree. Star begs the deputy dean desperately for doing anything to get degree. So, he just wants her to do simple thing like take a remedial class at “midnight classroom” She starts […]

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