In an isolated house on the mountain, a rite is being performed on an unidentified corpse. Unknowingly, the ritual awoke an uninvited haunting soul who could posses human, changing from body. Dech, a man who is believed to be the one who can save this situation arrived. He senses that more than the haunting ghost, […]


Story of a group of close friends, Tang, Kitty, Title and Wit who was Kitty’s boyfriend. Although they came from different background, they grew up together and when the place that meant so much to their memories was going to be demolished, they decided to meet and relived the past together one last time.  But […]

Red Rain Love Rain

Gap, handsome young man works as a part-time in ‘Happy Time’ convenience store. He meets Som who lost spirits at convenience store. Som doesn’t know why she appears in ‘Happy Time’ she lost her all memories and she tries to know who she is, why she needs to follow Gap all the time. Gap always […]

The Presence

Aom and her friends travel together to visit Aom’s last living relative at Amphur Dongluang in Mukdaharn province. They end up encounter some awful phenomena, a haunting mystery that gives them nightmares every passing night. They find out that this is an ancient curse no one can escape. Based on a true story of ‘Thaigaso […]

Oh My Ghost 6

Jae Taew and her son Ahkoy, Jae Moddam and Pancake, a grumpy but kind plump ghost fall into another mess when Jae Payoon, their rival, is released from prison after getting charged by Panda, Pancake’s sister under a murder in dormitory case. Jae Payoon is accompanied by Khonpetch, her new boy. But before the chaos, […]

3 AM Part 3

Expressway: Pim works as night-shift toll collector at an expressway toll gate. At 3 AM tonight, strange things happen to her while on the shift. Pim is terrorized by an evil spirit determined to take her life. One Night Stand: Tan is a painting restorer who likes to spend wild nightlife with his friends, curing […]


Daranee, the girl who wants to find much money by applying for the life insurance salesgirl. She tries to call her old friends to sell the insurance contract. She decides to call Nui, her ex-tomboy friend. Nui agrees to buy the insurance contract. Nui asks Daranee if she remembers of what she has promised to […]

Net I Die

The term net-idol is used by internet users to call somebody that they passionately idolize, though they are just commoners and not a celebrity or a super-star. Net-idols are usually physically attractive with strong sexual appeal ready to uncover their hot body to their fans. The net-idols live a public live, they get broadCast through […]

The Lost Case

Itt and Por are newbies in a production company that produces a popular television show called Ghost Doctor TV. In each episode, people who believe that they are possessed will contact the production team for help. A shaman, Master Pla will then attempt to help them through exorcism. To pass the probation, Itt and Por […]


Having been murdered brutally, vengeful spirit of Premika, a young karaoke-bar girl, has been haunting the karaoke machine as her organs were abandoned around the remote woods – latterly renovated as the luxurious hotel. After the first group of hotel guests arrive, Premika is awakened. With her haunting karaoke machine, she is back to slaughter […]

The Promise

In 1997 the Tom Yum Goong financial crisis, was a disastrous event that crept over Asia and left millionaires bankrupt overnight. A bright future which two best friends, Boum and Ib, pictured together fell apart when they found out that their families were going bankrupt. All of their assets were seized to satisfy their debts. […]


It begins with a violent midday bank robbery as Bobby Prospero and his drug addict girlfriend Jewel, escape the chaos with a duffle bag full of cash and two teenage girls, Winny and Earn, who happen to be in the bank at the same time and are taken hostage. Also along is Chaow, a reluctant out Cast who […]

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