Haunted School

Every school has its tales. The mysteries, stories about dead people, about ghosts. The horror stories of this school start at the beginning of the new semester, when Aey, Er, Den, Pop, and Don, the gang of nasty students sneak out of the boring orientation to share horror stories with one another. Not only telling […]


As soon as the rich “Grandma” passes away, her descendants all come together for the same thing in mind. And that can’t be anything other than the huge inheritance. But things won’t be that easy. Mao the serious butler has announced that the final version of the will won’t be open unless grandma’s requests are […]

Goey Ther Phi Ma Weaw

A long-arm female ghost and her spirit sister lost their lives from a school arson by its own principal as a ploy to claim the insurance money to rebuild and modernize the school. To conceal this fraud, the principal hires an exorcist to capture the sisters’ spirits in a clay pot and bury in a […]

The Forrest

A new teacher arrives at a small village in rural Thailand. He has just left the monkhood and has taken a job at the local school in a quest to discover life outside the monastery. He finds that one of his pupils is a mute girl who is being bullied by the other children in […]

Buppha Ratree: Haunting in Japan

Rose is a beautiful 20-year old girl who is perfect with education and wealth. Her real name is Buppha Rahtree. After she caught Mack cheating on her, she turned into a cruel killer. After killing her boyfriend, she ran away to Niseko, Japan, and checked in to “Oscar Lodge” to hide herself. That same rental […]

Bangkok Thirteen

Pia, a girl who has a special ability to see spirits, decides to work with a television programed to prove supernatural incidents and to seek for the truth about her own self. This decision leads her to the scary secret of 13 genuine haunted places in Bangkok which in some way related to her special […]

11-12-13 Scary Holiday

One accident, three incidents and three horrors are the beginning of this story. Tar, a playboy, gets threatened by Som, his girlfriend, that she will commit suicide if he leaves her. Modis killed in a road accident and comes back to his friends’ half-ghost. Cat, who has a phobia of ghost and water, is tricked […]

The Second Sight

Jate can see spirits and knows their “karma” since he was a child. It makes him a weirdo in others’ eyes so he keeps it secret. Jum, his girlfriend, is the only one who knows about his gift and she does not want him to get involved with Kaew, a girl accused of killing people […]

Possessed (Pee Kao Pee Ook)

A group of college students pick a remote Chinese cemetery as a filming location for their short movie ‘senior-year’ project. What was meant to be a sad romantic story turns into a horror film when the inaugural shooting date coincides with the Chinese Ghost Festival. The real terror begins when Ji, a mysterious girl, who […]

Pee Mak

Back in the early Rattanakosin period, many young men are enlisted as soldiers. Thus, Mak has to leave his pregnant wife Nak and joins the army where he becomes best friends with Shin, Ter, Puak, and Aey. At the same time, Nak struggles a great deal to give birth to the baby. When the war […]

Make Me Shudder

Boys of Class 6/5 led by Nick always like to challenge or chase after ghost in houses no one lives in anymore. When the semester ends, students who live in the dorm have to go home but this gang gathers around to challenge as usual. Their target is the red building that has the tale […]

Long Weekend

Thongsuk is often bullied because of his nerdy look. Luckily he has Nam, his childhood friend, by his side. When they start college and get to know a new group of friends, Thongsuk has to face the hardest bullying than he could ever imagine. The friends, minus Thongsuk, then plan to spend the upcoming long […]

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