Krasue: Inhuman Kiss

         In a far-away village, lived an innocent teenage girl, Sai who later discovered herself inheriting the curse of “Krasue”. At night, her head would detach from her body and hunts for flesh and blood. Villagers are terrified by the deaths of their livestocks and that is when the Krasue hunt begins. Jerd a friend […]

Dark Secrets

        Ek and Pan lost their child from miscarriage, so they move to a remote country resort to ease their pain. While Tor, Ek’s close friend, also has a problem with his girlfriend. The three encounter a series of weird happening in the house until Pan is found dead. Ek goes mad and always pretends […]


         The omens from the curses lead to three vengeful tragedies.          Wicked: Pastor Joseph is investigating a murder case of another pastor with a clue from a gramophone of Thai traditional dance in the night of the curse moment where half of the villagers fall dead.          Tattoo: Freddy, a tattoo artist, never gets […]

The Bush/ Laplae

         2 short films merge into 1 feature          In The Bush you will find lovers going deep in the woods for their pre-wedding videoshoot, along with 5 crews members. An unknown destiny awaits them, when rain pour and they’re all went to hide inside an abandoned hut in the middle of the forest…          In […]

Bangkok Dark Tales

           Three creepy stories all take place in Thailand`s capital city, Bangkok.             Happy New Year – A businesswoman encounters something terrifying while working overnight on New Year`s Eve.             Haunted 5th Cinema – Cinema theater that allow only ghosts come to see the movie but suddenly one couple accidentally gets into that cinema.             Haunted […]

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