The Eyes of the Spirit

Nate became an orphan when she was 14 years old after the boat crash accident in Maeklong river. Nate’s parents sacrificed their lives to save Nate and her brother. Nate was in coma and stuck in a limbo of life and death. She miraculously gained consciousness later with a strange power of seeing the dead. […]

Loop of Vengeance

Kaew, an unwanted child of a servant, was always treated like a slave unlike Pudjeeb the perfect daughter of Master Luang and Madame of the house. When Pudjeeb wins the heart of Luangthep, a gentleman whom Kaew is in love with. Kaew plans a carnage for the family with a helping hand from Ming, another slave who loves her. The black […]

Diamond Eyes 2

Captain Petch was killed by a gang of global mafia The Sun, leaving the officers of Diamond Eye Institute (D.E.I.) clueless as they cannot find the secret file captain Petch had hidden. Police Colonel Daniel Sato steps in to direct the institute. Daniel has special eyes that help him see the spirits as well as […]

The Ghost Doll

Paengram, a seven-year-old girl, refuses to talk to anyone but her doll Wawa which her father gave her before getting murdered. While her mother, Nualtip, was also killed by a thief who sneaked into their house to steal a precious jade doll. Before her death, Nualtip managed to hide the jade doll inside Wawa. The supernatural […]

The Shadow of the Sin

Sita, the only heir to the family of a millionaire, has to face those villains who want to seize away her wealth. Fortunately, Sita has Suthee and Rattiya, her dead parents who became Preta ghosts to protect her. A golden boy is also waiting to become her future son and she also has Worachon, her […]

Before Love Comes

The recent doubtful decease of his brother compels Sivakorn to search for the truth until he gets involved with all the suspects including Choprae, a businesswoman and also his brother’s secret lover. Daopradab, Choprae’s daughter tries to keep Sivakorn out of her family. But Sivakorn happens to fall in love with her and is getting […]

The Cursing Melody

The voodoo curse of the song Tuamthoranee ends the life of its offenders including Meyakorn’s best friend. She teams up with Yotch, an heir of the haunted song’s composer to uncover the hidden truth. The closer they get into the mystery, the stronger fatal menace. However, their search slowly unveils the tormented romantic tragedy from […]

The Lost Heaven

After getting betrayed by her lover Khun Saeng, Duandara tries every possible means to eradicate her enemies of heart. She puts a magic spell on Saeng by sacrificing the blood of a virgin, so that she can earn an eternal life. She awaits for a new fitting body for Khun Saeng and the perfect choice […]

Art of Devil Series

Praewa, an average-looking girl, dreams to become a cheerleader. She ends up running errands for the cheerleader team while the team members compete to win the center position. The team becomes the battlefield of tricks and treachery. When members of the team fall death one by one without any clues, the only explanation is black […]

The Demon King

The ancient love triangle among the ruler Kammuang, noble Ngai and lady Janpa turning the ruler into a blood-thirsty vampire during the full moon. The curse has remained in his clan and Peerachak, the offspring of Kammuang’s family also inherits the black magic. Janpa reincarnated as Puping, a tutor for Peerachak. Noble Ngai reincarnated as Inthorn and still fell in love with Puping. Would they be able to […]

The Orge 2

Ngamta is a Peefah ghost. She grew up with Mor Koon, a herbal medic helping out the Khonnam villagers. Ngamta uses her Peefah ghost supernatural power to cure patients, so she needs to remain respectful to the Sila and Spiritual rules. However, she starts to have a feeling for Tepthai, a young man from the capital who came to investigate the death of his uncle. One night, when Ngamta reaches a certain age, […]

The Orge

Karawek was born under the destiny of Peefah ghost. She lost everything including her lover. She suffered black magic transforming her into a vengeful Pob ghost. 700 years later, Karawek rises from a long sleep. She returns to Wiangphajan as a new master of the holy shrine. She puts black magic to bore a child into the womb of Kamlai, one […]

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