Love You Koak E-Gerng

During the Buddhist fireball-rocket festival at Kok E-Gerng, Bakpol returns to his hometown and learns that Mam, with whom he is secretly in love, is forced by her father Bakjohnny, a drunkard-boxer of S. Kok E-Gerng Boxing Camp, to marry a half-Farang-half-Isan boy. Bakpol elopes with Mam to Bangkok, leaving Bakjohnny dead-drunk with agony. The […]

Check-in Shock

Three TV-show MC’s, Naek, Tac and Pong, announce a challenge to seek for brave participants for “Check-in Shock”, Season 2 program in order to win the 10 million Baht prize. The new venue is a haunted abandoned hospital housing and a resident of mischievously cursing vengeful spirits.The basic rule is, each contester has to stay […]

Low Season

Lin, a young girl with a special sense, broke up with her boyfriend and become tired of the big city. She heads to the faraway resort in the North alone during the so-called “Low Season.” She is confident that she won’t have to meet the tourist that will get on her nerves.However, she is met […]


A group of university students dares to challenge the hideously haunted jungle. They mysteriously lose their life one by one during the trail. Everyone is a suspect. This film balances the horror genre with the lively teenage characters including net idols.

Pee Nak 2

Peace has returned to Thamma Nakanimitr Temple after Monk Nong, Monk First and Monk Balloon completed the mission to fulfill their pledges and won the battle with the ghost of Nak Nont. Monk Balloon and Monk First secretly pack their bags and leave the monkhood in the middle of the night. Monk Nong remains at […]


A public toilet in a forest trail between a village and the market is 1-km long so that people cannot hold their nature calls and usually finish their mission on the way. When the whole forest stinks, the village head Piak and his villagers help build another toilet and call it Sukawadee. However, this new […]

The Story of the Death

           Lieutenant Aod, an ex-Border Patrol Police officer fighting the drug-dealer moved back to his hometown. When the family failed to reach him for six months, they paid a visit at his home and found the dead body of Lieutenant Aod at the door-step. The investigator failed to uncover the cause of death, but the […]

The Spirit of Ramayana

          In order to prove to her family and everyone else that her dream of being a dancer is real, as well as in need of money to pay her bills, 24-year-old contemporary dancer Mintra auditions for a new play called “Ramayana”, with hopes to land her dream role Seeda. When the director deems her […]


The story of love and bindings between the two sisters whose destinies are not for them to choose. Each is raised differently and be separated from a young age by some unexplainable circumstances. When destiny forced them to live together again, the “elder” must dedicate her whole life to train in the art of the […]

The Real Ghosts

         The horrors begin with the group of people who love challenges and are keen to find out the truth behind things that happen in life through the character called Doi. The story lead to many clues that linked to various places. When Nicha, Doi’s girlfriend died. He believed himself to be the cause of […]

Pee Nak

            At an old temple in the outskirts of the city, a terrifying legend persists to these days. It says that anyone who wants to be ordained to become a monk at this temple is cursed, and he will die by the wrath of Pee Nak spirit before the ordination ceremony is completed.            But […]

Necromancer 2020

           After a tragic loss of his family, Win, the sole survivor of a brutal attack, becomes a practitioner of black magic and supernatural trickeries, plunging himself deep into the dark arts in order to track down the murder and have his revenge.           The deeper he digs the deeper he finds himself in the dark […]

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