Breath of the Death

Pran Jompoot is a scarface criminal who scares everybody including the police. Only one police officer does not fear this vicious man, he finally teams up with Pran Jompoot to fight against the Praidam clan who wants to own the invisibility formula. They get in touch with a scientist’s daughter and a beautiful femme fatale. Their life and love are put at stake […]

Revive to Kill

The death is only the beginning, Kanyawee reincarnates as Natwara, a fierce biomechanic fighter, one from the Diamond-shield Rose team. Their mission is to destroy a wicked organization using cloned humans as weapons to gain power. But this operation is halted by Captain Techit, Kanyawee’s boyfriend. But when the loved one becomes the threatening one, this final decision puts his life at stake.

The Gifted Graduation

After two years, Paeng and her Mattayom 6 students gang still face Principal Supoj who believes in his ‘traditional’ education system. While Paeng wants to reform the system to advocate democracy and equality. There is also a hidden menace from the Ministry of Education led by Teacher Darin, a new academic supervisor, and Tham, a Mattayom 6 student along with the new generation […]


Momay is a famous short stories writer for an online magazine. Her pretty face makes everyone believe that she is only 25 years old while in fact she is 2,000 years old now. She is immortal yet still single by curse. The only way she can escape this fate is to find true love. The question […]

The Message

Vin, an alien in human body, comes to warn the earth master that the world will suffer a catastrophe in the year 2020 due to mankind’s selfishness and endless desire. People will battle with each other and will destroy the nature. However, Vin believes that some of them remain good guys. He chooses 4 heroes: […]

Moon Killer

The great explosion of the sun cooled down Thailand below the freezing point. Bangkok became an ice city where everybody needs to find the way to survive. One of the survivor is Kid Silencer an ex-killer who trains his apprentice Joke Sobad to become a top-three great killer. The extreme weather causes a big chaos […]

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