Blood Brothers

Napa, wife of Lt. Gen. Kittibodin of the Thai Air Force, miscarried while her husband stays abroad. At the time, Lumpao her housemaid was founded pregnant with twin boys, so Napa asked to adopt one of the boys. Lampao agreed because a fortuneteller predicted that the twins would kill each other one day if they […]

The Golden Silkworm

The Yong family owned the wealthiest silk company in the country. Their abundance however brought along a series of wars between the heirs’ wives; childless lady Sabai, beautiful village girl Pikoon, and Xie, a girl from the highland. When Pikoon delivered a son and gave the family the first-born grandson, she gained her place as the first lady of […]

Passionate Fire

Severely hurt and heartbroken by Khunsak, a real selfish man, Tianyodfah, a once-perfect girl loses everything in her life. She seeks retribution with aid from Moke, an honest young boy. Moke admires Tian so that he neglects Baibua, a girl he grew up with. The revenge goes deeper and deeper every day. The risk is […]


Methawalai, an archeologist, receives a mission to survey the sunken ship under the river of Wangnamwon area nearby her father’s place. She has lieutenant Prasut as her guide. Though they don’t like each other, they frequently encounter strange phenomena together. Methawalai regularly dream of a girl named Methawadee weaping at the river bank while Prasut […]

Pine of Ruse

In the developing society welcoming western culture, the civilization brings in the competition. Men want to work for the government. Women want to get married with a successful man and become number one wife. But in the era where men may have multiple wives, the contest between wives is inevitable. The mansion of Khunram also […]

The Parentage

Chom was raised by mother Khae who suffers from amnesia. She also received support from teacher Somporn. One day Khae meets Pit by chance and recalls all memories. Khae leaves Chom under Pit’s care before she dies. Pit takes Chom to Bangkok and ask Rangsan his friend to take care of Chom like his daughter. […]

Spellbinding Cuisine

At the resident of Luang Pichaitanee by the canal Ampawa in 1875, Choi found that her husband Luang Chollatanpruettikrai returned from Nakhon Si Thammarat with Thongsamlee, his new minor wife. Choi, the master of royal cuisine recipe felt intruded when Thongsamlee used her kitchen to cook the spicy southern Thai dish for Luang Chollatanpruettikrai. They […]

The Revenge

The tragedy and murder from the contest between traditional dancers in a troupe. Pudson, a 50-year-old woman put a youthful spell to herself to look young. Bunruang, a new beautiful dancers came to replace Pudson who mysteriously disappeared.

Luad Suphan

In the late Ayudhaya era, Mangrai, the left-field warrior of Rattanapura-angwa, sneaked in to spy in Supan. He fell for a daughter of a wealthy rice trader named Duangjan. Duangjan is an impish girl unlike other village girls at her age. Duangjan started to have a feeling for Mangrai who disguised as Ayudhaya soldier named […]

Sri Ayodhaya Season 2

Story of life, love, rivalry and betrayal in the era of King Ekkatat, the last King of Ayudhaya. The last three years of his throne was the most properous culturally and commercially and then sank down aruptly when the great war broke worsened by a group of Thai traitors. This was the beginning of the […]

Candle in the Sun

Int, an upper-class gentleman falls for Galint, a sassy model, though he has already had Patima as his wife. Galint believes that she and Int are lovers by destiny since their past lives. She dreamt that Int was a prince and she was a Lanna girl. One day, when Galint is working in Chiangmai, she […]

The Lost Heaven

After getting betrayed by her lover Khun Saeng, Duandara tries every possible means to eradicate her enemies of heart. She puts a magic spell on Saeng by sacrificing the blood of a virgin, so that she can earn an eternal life. She awaits for a new fitting body for Khun Saeng and the perfect choice […]

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