The Promise

An entanglement in the web of witchery and mystical powers over thousand years from Dvaravati period to present day, which can only be broken by sheer determination, righteousness and true love. Anik, a skilled policeman with the Department of Special Investigation, is King Yosaraj of Champasri City reincarnates.  Unbeknownst to him, his soul is bound […]


Takaew and Nangkloy are descendants of Khuntanongsak family’s slaves from ancient times. They have two daughters, Payom and Pikul. Payom is in love with Jaofaek, a male employee, but Khunpitakakkara, Khuntanongsak’s boss also likes Payom. Payom was sedated by her boss and became a wife of Khunpitakakkara. Khunpitakakkara shows an act of responsibility by inviting Payom and her family to live with him. This certainly upsets Khunying Tabthip, Khunpitakakkara’s wife. 

The Enchanted Tale

The kingdom of Khasik, Bhandurat, and Tanta have been constantly waging war. It all changes when Princess Manissara of Tanta is to wed King Rangsimantra of Khasik  in accordance with the accord between two kingdoms; Tanta is promised prosperity while in return Khasik is promised the maritime routes. Upon hearing the rumor about the cruelty […]

Mist of Love

Truth lies in past lives… To save the future, Plerngfha must use his ability to see the past to reveal the truth, protect the love of his life, Sitang, and decode the ancient prophecy that will shake the core of people’s beliefs. When they decipher the ancient inscriptions that lead them to the sacred statue […]

Fate of Love

A boy-meet-girl story of the youth in Nongnamphueng back in 1972 is not always sweet. Paitoon and Yupin are deeply in love, but they are separated by his mother Sumpao who makes sure that they both will not see each other again. Sumpao forces Yupin to marry her crippled son, Praiwan while Paitoon is forced […]

The Edge Of Daybreak

Bangkok 2006, amid brewing political tension, a family, led by politician Parl, shares one final night together at the safe house before a coup d’etat forces him into exile. Later that night, while on the run, Parl crosses paths with a group of illegal immigrants near the Thai-Cambodia border. His wife, Ploy, wakes up from […]

House of the Dark Shadows

Malai, a poor girl, is forced to marry the handsome Luangwisarn, son of Chao Praya and the owner of Romngew villa. Malai takes her responsibility as the wife of Romngew house perfectly but she doesn’t realize that the reason Luangwisarn never sleeps with her is he is a homosexual. This leads to a tragedy of love in this beautiful villa. 

Rak Na Korab

Yod is a servant in a Thai-style villa of Luangthep Sriyos, a sharp-tongued ex-warrior. Yod is not only attractive but also very smart. He uses his wits to help many folks in the villa. One thing Yod cannot solve is his own romantic problem when he falls in love with Pikul, the only daughter of Luangthep. Pikul is […]


Thai period drama reinterpreted through the view of Wan-Thong, a young beautiful woman who rises to fight for her dignity, a woman getting involved with two men. She was brought to trial as people condemned her for being in a love triangle and could not choose who to be her husband. Between the man she […]

The Two Fates

Kaew, a fighter girl, lives in Ayutthaya. She decides to escape as she was sexually harassed by her brother-in-law. On the way, Kaew meets Jao Chidchanok, her astonishing look-alike who also escapes from Jao Narenthorn, the ruler of Kumwiangfah. Kaew and Jao Chidchanok separate towards different directions. Nobody knows that Kaew and Chidchanok are in fact separated twin sisters. 

The Curse of Love

Two millennia ago, Patchara, a young general, had to kill his lover’s father and brother in the name of duty. Despite loving him, Matira could not accept what he has done, so she placed a spell that only she can undo. He is to live for eternity with a heart of stone. He has tried many times […]

The Ghoul : Horror At The Howling Field

There is a strange case going on at the remote Tungmahon. The official bureau sends Lieutenant Sajjatorn to search for the truth behind the case accompanied by Bakguem, a servant of his boss, Mombang. Bakguem knows the area very well, he helps Lieutenant Sajjatorn in order to return to his lover, E-wueng.Arriving at Tungmahon, Sajjtorn […]

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